Sunday, July 8, 2012

Second Travel within Manila ALONE - BONI to MOA

Yesterday, Saturday, July 7, 2012, My eldest brother asked me to go out with them in MOA.. It's not my first time in MOA but it would be my first time travelling alone going to that place hahaha :)). I thought they'd come :a16: and pick me in Boni MRT station or I'll come at SM Megamall to meet with them since they're just at Shaw. To my surprise :-w they asked me to come to MOA by myself.

Motivation? Foods! hahaha

It's been 3 years since my last bus travel going to MOA and I was with my elder sister that time so I know that there's a bus heading straight to MOA and I confirmed it to them.

There could be 3 options from Boni:
Option 1: ride a Bus with Baclaran and MOA signage
Option 2: ride MRT going to Taft, then ride a jeepney or the yellow cab(???) with MOA signage
Option 3: taxi! :))

First Travel within Manila ALONE - Boni to PSE Ortigas

http://eemoticons.netI'm not from Manila and :intears1: I've got no experience in traveling anywhere in Manila all by myself. Though we took side trips and mini tours :car: in Manila back then I still got no idea how to travel here. They told me to be like "Dora-the-Explorer" so I can learn on my own. Geez.. i'm scared :(

http://eemoticons.netSince my boyfriend left me alone at my friend's place here in Manila, I've got no more chaperone in going anywhere in Manila. He has to leave and go back to Bicol since his day-off is soon to end. :a22:

After two days of leaving alone.. I got a schedule exam last Friday, July 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm at TOOOT (company to be revealed later) at Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) towers, former Tektite towers, in Ortigas Center. I was nervous because I'll be taking another pre-employment exam.. but I was more scared with the :idea: idea that I'd be going to the place alone. I was confused since there were two PSE in Ortigas, one near in Strata building/tower and the other near San Miguel Ave (I checked it on google maps). Good thing they made it clear that it's tektite towers so I know beforehand that it I should be heading off to PSE near San Miguel Ave.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm on a hiatus last week... Updates are coming!

Obviously, there was a :a22: discontinuity with my blogging activities and other internet activities for the past week. I was forced to take a break due to some personal reasons. :a10: Although I was at the peak of blogging experience :(, my priorities has to get fixed and I've got to focus. I wanted to atleast try to blog but my schedules have been rough lately and add to that :a23: I got no laptop to use and internet connection.

Where was I then? :-?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2: 20 of my favorite things

This is a make-up post.. >.< I'm so busy preparing for a lot of stuffs so I missed posting for 3 days.. GOSH!

Hmm this post is somewhat similar to my latest post -> Things that makes Me Happy.

20. Gaming.. is my favorite past time..
image from Epic-Quotes
This is a family computer.. It is the first gaming console I've played.
19. Java.. is my favorite programming language.. :)
image from Wiki
18. Pixels.. is my favorite computer graphics
images from chibivillenon-isometric-pixel-art-edanade

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

Yey it's my very first time to join blog meme.. :) Wait anyone knows what a meme means in blogosphere? hahaha read it from this guy's link ->

Today's week's blog meme was hosted by You can visit her link to read on her post and other bloggers' list/post too :)


What makes me happy? It won't be too hard to make me happy as I'm a person that could easily laugh :happy2: and smile over almost anything in this world. I appreciate little deeds to enormous deeds that's why :a34: just seeing a father holding his little girl's hands while crossing the street makes me bliss.  When it comes to stuffs, owning it can give me this short termed happiness already lol. Honestly, i'm a material girl too that's why I so love gifts etc. etc. but such happiness can easily fade away. :a67:

:a17: What really gives me this long term happiness are the achievements of my dreams and goals (for myself, family, or boyfriend) , satisfaction and contentment over my situation, life's experiences, risks, challenges and journeys , and the happiness and help I can give to everyone especially the ones I love the most. My daily life is about seeking for this happiness while knowing who I am and what I'm for. And along the way, short termed happiness comes and cheers me up.. ;)

Hmm... anyway I think I can give a list of what makes me happy for a more detailed content for this week's meme. I would cover a super wide range of stuffs that makes me happy. It'll be from tangible to intangible and abstract ideas. Read my list below: 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 1: A photo that makes you happy

Adobo Rice

This is a photo taken last October, 2011 when my eldest brother treated us for dinner in Molino Grill. He came home from Cavite to pay for a visit and lend me some money to buy my tablet.

Why it made me happy?

Thinking of taking Blog challenges

Hi everyone :a4:

As my blog post's title says... I'm thinking of taking blog challenges from this day and onwards. I'm a bit sad that I'm not quite regular posting on my blogs.
  • Sometimes I'm thinking I'm quite busy that I can't even open my blog's dashboard and check on everything. :a36:
  • Sometimes I'm feeling that I just don't have anything to post (anything that just have substance and would make sense at all). :a37:
  • Sometimes I just have a lot of stuffs in my mind but I don't have any access to my blog at the moment, making me freeze all those popping ideas in my head. And once I can open my blog I got my mind blank. Geez!!! :a56:
http://eemoticons.netHmm I wonder if these dilemma have struck other bloggers but I really do! So now to help me from posting to my blog I'd take on this challenge. Atleast for now I can have interesting topic each day. And if by chance I got other stories to tell within that day, I'd still be posting it anyway lol. Ofcourse I have too! There's gotta be a happening within the span of the blog challenges lol.

So here's the first  blog challenge I'll be doing:

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm enabling the mouse right click for now..

I think some of my blog visitors are finding it inconvenient in visiting links in my website because of this no-right-click policy of mine :-?. And sometimes I find it inconvenient too especially when I'm browsing links from my commentors and visitors. Clicking most of the links won't open up to another web browser tab instead it directly opens from the current tab..geez..

I know some thinks that having the mouse click enable is not a big deal..
But why did I use the no-right-click policy of mine??
  • I don't want people to get used to right-click-and-save pictures and failing to credit the sources. :a21:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Brownout won't stop my must-do stuffs
I would like to apologize for almost a week of inactivity in blogging, late comment moderation, blog comment exchange, email response, etc. :a37: We have been experiencing power interruption for the whole week!!! We were given brownout schedule starting from Monday, June 11. Good heavens :a67: cause our place got the 8am-3pm brownout schedule. Some had the 3pm-10pm. Then just last Monday eve the whole city experienced black out (that was around 11:30pm). And the power went back on Wednesday 1:30 am! :a22: For someone like me who has been too much dependent on electricity for laptops/pc, electric fan, tv, etc.. I find it very inconvenient. I am in the midst of job haunting online :a62: (yes I finally decided to apply for a job after almost three months vacation). I am really afraid that some may contact through email and I'd be responding late. Or some maybe calling my cellphone for phone interview :a53: but I am low in battery already! There are solutions to these: go to an internet cafe shop or eat somewhere where there's wifi and I can charge. But these are very much expensive. I can't do this everyday. I just did the latter for 1 day. Not only was I worried for my job haunting but also for the scheduled blog comment exchange. I haven't even browse blogs!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ayuchan/Ladyxcid is joining BC Bloggers

I am signing up to BC Bloggers now.. :a55: I've seen this site through the links and badges in the blogs I've hopped to. (Yeah I'm fond of blog hopping)

What is BC Bloggers?
BC Bloggers is a community of bloggers helping each and everyone promote their blogs and make link exchanges easy. :happy2:  You can connect with other bloggers and build your network. You can have link exchanges with other bloggers with same interest as yours or anyone as everyone are happy to have link exchanges. You can find other blogs (other than your friends' blogs) to read on. :) Want to know more about BC Bloggers? Visit

What does BC Blogger means?
BC Blogger is referred to someone who is BUSY but is still willing to Blog exChange of links. :a42:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School's First Day Memories

Hi everyone!

I just realized it's the first day of school from my previous college university (Ateneo de Naga Univ). And while I was at SM Naga I was a bit anxious to hear stories of my friends (who are still in the same school) about their first day. Well I know most stories may be the same but haha maybe I was waiting for funny and awkward moments. :evilsmile: Meanie!!!
So I came to post something about this because of this blog post of someone I'm following.. I was so happy reading his post so I think maybe I could share mine too..
  • Kinder
I was 4 years old when I was enrolled by my mother to kinder with the nearest elementary school at our place. I never really wanted to come to school yet but they told me I have to so I gave it a shot. What I remember is that I just went home straight after arriving at the school. :)) LOL no other memory at all! My mother said that after seeing the place I told them I don't want to come to class. Haha I really don't know why but I never come back to that school anymore. So for the rest of the year I stayed at home with our maid and I watched tv, take some "siesta" in the afternoon and play with our neighbors. :a5:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Finale Performances

American Idol Season 11 Top 2 Finale Performances by Jessica Sanchez and Philip Phillips.
Sorry I was so late posting this with the videos LOL :happy:
I wanted to watch the American Idol on Star World before posting this haha
Hmm love the finale but it wasn't as powerful compared with the previous seasons.
Click HERE to see who I did vote to be the winner for this season :)

Each of them sings three songs. The first ones are chosen by the produces Simon Fuller.

Voted for Phillip Phillips on American Idol 11

Yeah I just voted like 30x to Phillip Phillips of American Idol Season 11.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mishka, Laika and Moki!!!

I was so interested with this pretty husky dog that it just made me watch most of its videos from youtube. I've been watching Mishka's joke of the weeks videos and the other videos of Laika and Moki. Laika and Moki are the other dogs owned by TheGardeasFamily.

The husky talking dog :) Mishka

While I was blog lurking, I've stumbled into this blog post about dogs that talk. The blog post contains a video clip of this cute Husky dog mimicking human sounds. I was soooo happy :kawaii: when I started playing the video. Aside from the fact that I really :heart: Husky dog and I'm :moe: dreaming to have one, this dog just can talk slash bark "I love you". It seems like it's even vocalizing LOL.

Watch this video clip here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion

Hi everyone!

Summer :moe: isn't over yet. Have your last streak of summer vacation for this May.Go to the beaches either to north or south of the country.

Beat the heat of the sun!!! :a56: But to do that bring with you shades, sunglasses, caps, umbrellas and put some sunscreen lotions that would protect you from this UBER heat of the sun and its dangerous rays. Try this Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion . They got you covered.

Read more from their site. Click HERE :exclamation1:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on Me and some bunch of PINK stuffs

I was gone once more.. and because of that I got a lot of stories to share and blog about. But I guess I'll do it when my mind isn't much preoccupied.. and add that up to the things I have to write here by next time :exclamation2:

Hmmm.. anyways... I should have made my blog post yesterday but I was really tired when I came :house: home. Haha I left house because I was really getting bored already. I've been staying too much at home :a12:
So my plans ahead (for yesterday) were to apply for a Postal ID, so I can have another valid ID, and go to Ateneo (my college school) to meet up with my friend :a8: . But then I realized Postal IDs nowadays are not much considered and accepted by some organizations as a valid ID with a reason I'm not pretty much sure about. But I still left house to pay my monthly bill to my dental doctor for my tooth braces. I decided to just meet up with James, :heart: my bf, and her sister at the clinic then took some lunch at Molino Grill (SM branch) with them and my father :a55:.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kawaii Emoticons... wave 1!

Kawaii Emoticons...
(I do not claim for these emoticons...these is from photobucket... owner i do not know yet...)
These were hard to find ones.. they were really hidden.. but i'm happy i got a copy.. I really want these emoticons ever since! ;)

:a1:  :a2:  :a3:  :a4:  :a5:  :a6:  :a7:  :a8:  :a9:  :a10:

:a11: :a12: :a13: :a14: :a15: :a16: :a17: :a19: :a20:

:a21: :a22: :a23: :a24: :a25: :a26: :a27: :a28: :a29: :a30:

:a31: :a32: :a33: :a34: :a35: :a36: :a37: :a39:

:a41: :a42: :a46: :a47:

:a51: :a52: :a53: :a54: :a55: :a56: :a57: :a58: :a59:

:a61: :a62: :a67: :a68:

:a70: :a71: :a72: :a73:

:mad1:  :annoyed:  :lonely1:  :lonely2:  :intears1:  :intears2:
:exhausted:  :eek:  :yeahright:  :howiwish:  :evilsmile:
:evilthought: :heartyeyes:  :good1:  :feelsgood2:
:yum:  :eyes:  :moe:  :happy:  :wink: :happy1:  :happy2:
:kawaii:  :a:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unwinding with myself after the overnight

We left the place we had overnight with around past 9 am already. I went to visit the church to have to have the ash cross placed on my forehead and to pray and thank God for the blessings I've received. I also asked God's guidance and blessing for the coming final defense. :a: I felt really nervous and scared that I may fail. I prayed to have the strength for this event. It was a good feeling to visit the church, have a short moment for Him and myself.

Then I felt this empty stomach rumbling. :eek: I withdraw money so I can eat with this restaurant - Bigg's Diner. :good1: It was only now when I managed to spend time with myself again, have a sit and eat while seriously scribbling the things I have to do.

Yes and I missed reading sort of advertisements of restaurants placed on each table. I don't know what they call it but I read it and have fun with it. :moe: Too bad I can't play scrabble haha.. So while waiting I jotted down few notes.

Overnight with my friends... I miss this!!!

I find a little time to make this post for I don't really wanna miss more events to post in my blog.. Whew..!

After I guess a couple of months or 4 months, it is only now when I had a chance to have an overnight with my friends. The reason why is that... hmm should I share it here? Well there's a conflict with one of those people I usually spend an overnight with. If who is that and why? nevermind...

This is us.. the overnight buddies who planned and was there that evening... :happy2: 

Monday, February 6, 2012

grant me... this invisibility...

 I keep checking my blog just to see if there are new comments or chat posted in my chatbox but everytime I do... I find myself guilty of not having new posts. That saddens me.. :eyes: I guess I just can't find time to do so or even if I have one I can't seem to think of what to post. WEIRD! :eek:

So anyway... Just a status update... I've been wasting my time lately I guess. Geeez.. then Saturday (last week) came making me crazily worried. OMG three more weeks and my Final Defense is ON! :intears1: I'm not yet ready for that.. SWEAR!

So I try to keep up.... I did actually until I found only 1 major module to finish to my project. But Monday came and new ideas popped into my head making me modify my project! I say it'll make my project better but with this 3 weeks time it's crazy! :annoyed: So I'll really keep up to finish what I added... not to mention I've been really busy finishing my major module GOSH!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Food - Mik-Mik

"The cough or choke is the sensation that completes the MikMik Experience." - MikMik

Anyone remembers this addicting food? 

Well I do! :happy: This was our favorite food :eat: back when I was still young. I always buy Mik-Mik at our neighborhood stores and I almost buy every single Mik-Mik they have :exclamation1: That's why I was really touched when I saw a pack of Mik-Mik inside our room yesterday night :wink: My sister bought it cause she missed this food too..

So what's Mik-Mik? Well I'll try to give details but forgive me cause I'm not a real food blogger here lol.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yearbook pictorial - just a one big smile to offer to eveyone

testing my own photos for lomo and vintage paper effects LOL ;)

Hmmm.. I missed to update my yesterday's activity all because of the fact that I was extremely :exhausted: tired and sleep right when I got home - 8pm!

I woke up quite early yesterday having only like 5 hrs of sleep then went to a salon or was that a parlor shop (not really sure what's the significant difference of the two)? Me and my friends had our hair fixed and make up in that salon which I don't remember the name (only the place). We were supposed to meet at 7am sharp for our preparation so that we won't be coming pretty late to the photo studio but I arrived at 7:30am! Such a shame! Hahaha. But our make up started at around 9 am and there's only one person who'd do it for us 4 in there! Then the gay's friends came over to finish our hair cause if there won't be anyone helping him then surely we'll all get fixed at noon hmp..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Missing in Action


I felt like :lonely1: I haven't had any blog post nor have I visited my blog  for two weeks now. It's the first straight week long absent in blogosphere for this year. Geez...

So what made me busy this past weeks? I was seriously attending to my Capstone (Senior) project trying to get focused and finish it soon. I was rushing because of all other works that are pile up on my schedule this month. Geez... I am really stress right now but is actually excited to finish all these things with the best quality output I can make. I'm just a little worried that I'll miss the deadlines hmm :a:

Here's some of the things I've been doing this JANUARY alone! I've been doing all of these :eek: concurrently.

  • Capstone project completion - covering :howiwish: 70% of each of my day
  • Editing the documentation for an outreach activity
  • Collecting different stuffs from all graduating students of this specific department batch 2012 :exhausted:
  • Preparing for this secret task.. big opportunities ahead
  • Preparing two 3 pages reflection paper
  • Completing some clearance for graduating students
  • etc....

So I really apologize for not being active to my blog geez... I'll try to update as much as I can. Hmm well other than this inactivity is my temporary goodbye for some of my PTC online jobs so as of now I do not mind getting any amount for the sake of getting focus to my school works.

Photo credit to:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My 2012 Horoscope - Cancer! not anymore nega!

Well it's not :yeahright: my usual habit to read horoscopes or ask predictions or any premonition from anyone. The real reason behind is that, almost every horoscopes I've read for my zodiac sign - Cancer, :annoyed: has always been negative! Like I'll find a fight.. I'll lose some things.. etc.. It's irritating and it's making me paranoid! Haha sorry but these horoscopes doesn't help at all in that case :exclamation2:

But a friend of mine shared a link to her facebook account and showed us her horoscope from that website.. :happy2: . I really did visit the link to check on her results and I saw it was related and true to her!!! Swear! So I decided to read mine, :wink: presuming that my results would be better than the usual annoying horoscopes.

2012 Horoscope Cancer

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Opportunities can't Wait

Opportunities don't come that often in our lives. :a: And sometimes opportunities come only to :eek: chosen people (yes! you have to admit that coz that's reality). It felt disappointing and frustrating when "these" come and we're not that capable enough to take them. :intears1: Some aren't capable because of their current status in their lives, :howiwish: perhaps financial, health, TIME, skill, talent, etc.And not being capable enough means letting go of certain opportunities we hold in our hands already, leaving us :howiwish: hoping for another opportunity or perhaps the SAME opportunity to come. Well some do take a risk even if it's hard (like way way 3x the expected hardship).

Deciding whether we take the opportunities or not is hard! I'm in that dilemma right now. Just last November I've been really active to some of my online jobs (while I'm still studying). But I wanted a job that is really in-line with my interest, with my passion - that goes with blogging, web design and mobile development (and my current online jobs are way out of my passion). :happy1: As for now I found a place where I could be given and I am given an opportunity to do something that is related to one of these three. And I know that this opportunity would help me to learn more in that field, step up and help me grow! The opportunity doesn't ask me to stop schooling, :wink: but rather it's just that it is too aggressive for us to fulfill somethings.

I was reluctant to accept it at first as I am still creating my Capstone/Senior Project - that which will determine if I can graduate my college degree by March 2012. But then even if I freed myself from school works by March, will this opportunity still come to me??? Will another one knock on my door? I know it won't. Not that none would come (as I know tons of opportunities would come into our lives), but those won't just match this opportunity that's on my hands right now. I just feel it. I know it. Well I can always wait for another to come but sometimes waiting guarantees nothing!

As a student :mad1: I think what hinders me to push through taking this opportunity is the idea of "YOU GRADUATE FIRST BEFORE TAKING A JOB". That's how most of Filipinos mind setting goes. It's irritating but that's how it runs in my head right now! :eek: I guess I was really brainwashed by this mentality - too much of classroom setting - VERY IDEALISTIC! I'm not saying it's bad neither am I saying that I have to prioritize working than the academics. No No No! It's just when will I step up? When will I start exploring? When will I start taking real life and long term risks? "When we're all graduates, crawling in every single company trying to find a job? Competing all together?" Another :exhausted: thing that hinders me is that, I get too much paranoid on what if I can't finish my school project because of this? What if I fail in the opportunity itself? What if.... A lot of whatifs.. Too many things to worry about.

As I see it, if I stay with the passive group - my co-students, i will come late with the rapid development of technology in the real world. I'll get even more blinded and brainwashed. Like what our moderator says, we have to grow up and get matured much faster than the normal students in our school. We have to think way ahead of them! I was happy that someone was motivating us to be like that but the pressure is on!

I don't want to waste time. Opportunities can't wait for the TALENTED and SKILLED PEOPLE. We have to move fast, study and adapt to meet that opportunities. Afterall :happy1: it's just BREAKEVEN, if we succeed with the risks or challenges given by the opportunities - it's really great; but even if we failed we still learned new things, right? Our efforts pay off no matter what.

So I say..take the risks, grab the opportunites (not that we say yes to everything - just filter those we think we can accomplish and we can manage)


Monday, January 2, 2012

How to place Nuffnang Ads between posts in Blogger

few info about Nuffnang..
Bloggers makes use of Nuffnang to earn from their blogs, primarily. Well Nuffnang offers bloggers more than money earnings, as far as my readings is concerned. If you want to know more about Nuffnang you can visit their site
Mostly, :wink: everyone would want the ads to be seen in every post they have. Nuffnang provided the code/script and a tutorial for that. But the provided sample of Nuffnang is placing the ADS code below the blog post (just right above the navigation links of newer post, home, and older post). See the tutorial HERE.

Hmm don't want to go to the link I've given? Just read it here. And see the other options of pasting the Nuffnang codes in different positions of your blog post.
  • Copy the code provided by Nuffnang. (Get the code under To put between contents.)
  • Open your blogger account.