Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kaicho wa Maid Sama Anime - UxMishi Band!!!

UxMishi's date with Sakura, Misaki and their other friend
=O I forgot the name *facepalm*

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Note: I'll be posting indivindual pictures of the band members (screenshots only) later

When I completed downloading "again" the whole anime season of Kaichou wa Maid Sama na-LSS ako masyado sa song ng :kawaii: UxMishi. It was played by the said band (UxMishi) on the last episode of the season. That's why I searched for the complete soundtrack of this anime sa torrent and gladly I found everything. Inuna kong matapos idownload yung Song ng UxMishi,  Yume no Hana by Yumemishi... and Akane by Yumemishi

So let's start naming these band members. (from left to right)

Kou - the bassist of the band. He seems to have the best attitude among the four. He corrects Kuuga's rude behavior and not so talkative at all, much like of an elder brother to everyone.

William Adam Yuuji - drummer of the band. Uhmm I didn't notice much of his attitude to be honest.

Kuuga Sakurai - vocalist of the band. He takes care of their fans (as I see it) and try to give them attention so as not to lose them at all. Kuuga seems to be insensitive towards other's feelings and like a spoiled brat who wants to get what he wants, which on Misaki (main actress) was not really tolerable. Misaki dislikes him a lot!

But this guy changed later on, credits to Sakura for being a true and loyal fan/admirer to him and the whole band.

Shou - the lead guitarist of the band. (I like him by his looks :p) Also I can't see much of his character :O

It's Shou and Kou I like from the band 

UxMishi, btw, is the favorite band of Sakura. She's so hooked up with the band's vocalist, Kuuga.

Sorry I can't pick which of the two I'll be using :(

UxMishi playing on their concert in the last episode of the series