Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm on a hiatus last week... Updates are coming!

Obviously, there was a :a22: discontinuity with my blogging activities and other internet activities for the past week. I was forced to take a break due to some personal reasons. :a10: Although I was at the peak of blogging experience :(, my priorities has to get fixed and I've got to focus. I wanted to atleast try to blog but my schedules have been rough lately and add to that :a23: I got no laptop to use and internet connection.

Where was I then? :-?

Before my birthday, June 24, 2012, Sunday, I head off to Manila to:
  • spend my birthday there
  • have our 5th anniversary celebration :heart:
  • job hunting
I only traveled light with 1 backpack and 1 small sling bag because James wouldn't want too much hassle to our trip.

I received a milestone ring from him :moe: for our 5th anniversary.. I woke up when the bus took a stopover at around 12:10 and I'm already wearing the ring on my left ring finger.
We arrived at Manila at 4:40 am and have breakfast at Shakeys in Ortigas until the sun shows up.
We deposited our stuffs to my classmates' apartment in Mandaluyong and head off to Edsa Shang ri la to meet with my elder brother and his girlfriend.. ;)
We rode a taxi going to Robinsons Manila to meet with my brother's friends and also my other elder brother and his girlfriend.
We took a super heavy lunch at this Shawarma house outside Robinsons and zip some coffee at Gloria Jeans at Pan Pacific, Manila.

It was a full pack of laughter :happy: , stories, reminiscing elementary and highschool moments and :a46: crazy jokes. I miss being with older people.. haha nothing beats a jamming with kuyas and ates (brothers and sisters) :a17:

The next four days were allotted for my job hunting. I've got a list of companies to search and apply. I searched all the way from Bonifacio Global City, Makati Ayala area to Ortigas. Good heavens I was with James :a9: and he helped me find the companies. As to the updates for my job searching... I'll give it when I successfully found one and started with it.. I'm really praying I could find one soon.. I've got to help my parents soon and feed my wants.. desire.. and luxury haha.. and reach my dreams too!

The whole week was crazy,, it was the most torture stay in Manila for now.. we've walked those distant places just so I could get familiarize with the places.. :a6:

But it was a mixed of job hunting experience and "lakwatcha" with my boyfriend :) really fun!

What I missed? :-S

  • my family in bicol.. 
  • Weekly blog meme.. for BC bloggers..
  • comment exchange (from BC bloggers too)
  • 30 day blog challenge
  • tv shows..
  • more more more.. :(

So I wanted to apologize if I failed my responsibilities especially in the blogosphere.. :( I just have to settle first, fix a lot of stuffs and organize my time so I can have enough time to all my activities.