Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Opportunities can't Wait

Opportunities don't come that often in our lives. :a: And sometimes opportunities come only to :eek: chosen people (yes! you have to admit that coz that's reality). It felt disappointing and frustrating when "these" come and we're not that capable enough to take them. :intears1: Some aren't capable because of their current status in their lives, :howiwish: perhaps financial, health, TIME, skill, talent, etc.And not being capable enough means letting go of certain opportunities we hold in our hands already, leaving us :howiwish: hoping for another opportunity or perhaps the SAME opportunity to come. Well some do take a risk even if it's hard (like way way 3x the expected hardship).

Deciding whether we take the opportunities or not is hard! I'm in that dilemma right now. Just last November I've been really active to some of my online jobs (while I'm still studying). But I wanted a job that is really in-line with my interest, with my passion - that goes with blogging, web design and mobile development (and my current online jobs are way out of my passion). :happy1: As for now I found a place where I could be given and I am given an opportunity to do something that is related to one of these three. And I know that this opportunity would help me to learn more in that field, step up and help me grow! The opportunity doesn't ask me to stop schooling, :wink: but rather it's just that it is too aggressive for us to fulfill somethings.

I was reluctant to accept it at first as I am still creating my Capstone/Senior Project - that which will determine if I can graduate my college degree by March 2012. But then even if I freed myself from school works by March, will this opportunity still come to me??? Will another one knock on my door? I know it won't. Not that none would come (as I know tons of opportunities would come into our lives), but those won't just match this opportunity that's on my hands right now. I just feel it. I know it. Well I can always wait for another to come but sometimes waiting guarantees nothing!

As a student :mad1: I think what hinders me to push through taking this opportunity is the idea of "YOU GRADUATE FIRST BEFORE TAKING A JOB". That's how most of Filipinos mind setting goes. It's irritating but that's how it runs in my head right now! :eek: I guess I was really brainwashed by this mentality - too much of classroom setting - VERY IDEALISTIC! I'm not saying it's bad neither am I saying that I have to prioritize working than the academics. No No No! It's just when will I step up? When will I start exploring? When will I start taking real life and long term risks? "When we're all graduates, crawling in every single company trying to find a job? Competing all together?" Another :exhausted: thing that hinders me is that, I get too much paranoid on what if I can't finish my school project because of this? What if I fail in the opportunity itself? What if.... A lot of whatifs.. Too many things to worry about.

As I see it, if I stay with the passive group - my co-students, i will come late with the rapid development of technology in the real world. I'll get even more blinded and brainwashed. Like what our moderator says, we have to grow up and get matured much faster than the normal students in our school. We have to think way ahead of them! I was happy that someone was motivating us to be like that but the pressure is on!

I don't want to waste time. Opportunities can't wait for the TALENTED and SKILLED PEOPLE. We have to move fast, study and adapt to meet that opportunities. Afterall :happy1: it's just BREAKEVEN, if we succeed with the risks or challenges given by the opportunities - it's really great; but even if we failed we still learned new things, right? Our efforts pay off no matter what.

So I say..take the risks, grab the opportunites (not that we say yes to everything - just filter those we think we can accomplish and we can manage)



Markable said...

I'm also a student too, and I can so relate with you! A lot of opportunities have knocked on my door and even though school is kinda getting on the way - I just accepted them with all heart, hoping they'll work out for me. :)

Sigrid Morales said...

@Markable I agree.. that's life.. and it feels really great knowing that as such young age, we can already have these opportunities :D

Markable said...

Surprisingly, indeed yes! We should be thankful and consider these opportunities as blessings! :)

JC Drone said...

agree :) ! opportunity only knocks but these days, a diploma is no longer a guarantee for a good living. Even the school's Suma Cum Laude can end up a beggar and a slave for multi-billion companies whereas an "uneducated" with keen eye on opportunities are unfortunately their employers :) So as they say, there is a big difference between an intelligent person and a smart person. we define intelligent normally by his/her proficiency in his/her chosen field of expertise, while a smart person knows how to hire and enslave intelligent ones :) LoL!!!

Sigrid Morales said...

@JC Drone: very well said JC q! haha.. hmm but don't be too much anti-school ok? let's just study very well while at school, don't waste time.. be good ;) and get ready to take on opportunities..

but wait.. are you the smart one or the intelligent one? haha :D