Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cid'sJottings.... and Karen's Birthday Celebration

Karen's cake :) care of Caramel Bakeshop... i guess..  

  I got a "pahabol" invitation from Karen to come with them for a simple treat. I was wondering what the treat is for.

I was clueless... and I've got really slow brain processing at that time that I actually didn't get what the event was.. it was Karen's birthday! Di kasi ako nakapagfacebook agad ehehe.. Happy happy birthday to Karen!


Cid's Jottings.. and a Day of Jamming and few Dramas

I woke up really early today. (way earlier than my usual wake up time)
I have to go to my home department the soonest as possible that's why I have to be early enough.
I was worried I might not get one of the required subject for a 4th year student - Moral Theology. I've learned there were only 10 slots left for the last available section.   (Seriously? on the second day only 1 available section left?) I was worried even more that I don't have my approved pre reg form because I failed to get it from sir Fritz. Paranoia here it comes again! 

Well what really works these days is the "kulitan" factor. I prayed and asked our Department Chair to allow me to enroll even if I don't have my pre reg as of now.. I badly needed it.. wooh. I was allowed then. Sir Baks encoded for my subjects and I was still able to join the last available section - 7 slots left! Great great great! Good heavens thanks for these!

Then I realized, as said by James, paranoia and all that worrying inside doesn't help at all. It just puts us nowhere and waste our energy. Just let things happen and try to face the consequences. [cont...]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cid'sJottings... and my new pink Notebook!

My new pink notebook! More pictures below! :)
I had my day today.. tiring and happy.. :)

When I woke up I went straight to my pc to turn it on and download everything from my Android SDK Manager. It was rough because my internet connection ! It cuts unexpectedly every now and then. But the good thing is that, the primary components that I needed were downloaded already.  After some preparations I started coding again for my senior project. Few things were added only  because I am receiving those "force close application" error once again.  And I get distracted by "Akazukin Chacha"! LOL


Yeah I still enjoy this anime hahaha...  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


credits to tristan19019@deviantart

At ako po ay nagpapaantok..
kaya kung ano anong pagbabasa pinaggagawa ko...

At dahil sa 4 am ako natulog kanina medyo affected talaga time ng pagtulog ko now..

And to think I haven't done anything so far this day..
I remembered sleeping almost the whole day..
I just felt alive around 6 pm na...[cont..]