Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sad News.. AJ Perez dead..

Another young star was taken away.. :intears2:
Eto agad nabasa ko pgbukas ko ng pc at pgcheck ko sa facebook account ko..
AJ Perez is dead...
I went over the links shared by my friends and the video via Youtube to have some idea what on Earth has just happened!! Everyone was really surprised! :eek: I can't really retell the story here.. It's hard for me to say the complete details.. :intears2: Just a summary from what I understood..

He was on his way back to Manila, riding on a van with his dad and other people.. He was sleeping and leaning on a glass at the left window of the van (I guess). Then a vehicle (truck or bus not really sure) just hit the van! And it damaged the left part of the van where AJ was riding! Worst comes to worst.. That part is where AJ PEREZ was leaning on.. :( He was the only one dead.. I don't know if others were injured.. His brain (left part) was the one greatly injured.. He was brought to the clinic or hospital (not really sure) but even before they arrived there he was already confirmed and announced dead..

(This was his last tweets before the accident happened... who ever knows this will happen to him)
A pic from my fb friend.. Grayzon

This is the original link where I've read (I think) the complete details about this news..

He was so young.. such a good actor compared with those other new actors right now.. He had a great smile.. great minds.. good personality.. he was really cute.. such a good aura

AJ Perez.. hmm you'll remember him acting in one of ABS-CBN drama "SABEL" and those other teen shows before.. And keep looking at him and you'll realize he looks similar to Rico Yan, my other crush..

Rico Yan also died like almost 9 years ago... They were both sleeping when they died, both took their education in La Salle, and parehong ibuburol sa La Salle..

RIP AJ PEREZ... :intears2:
I'm sad.. same as what I felt when Rico Yan died.. but if it was your time.. then let it be (it's easier to say I know..It'll really be hard for all those people close to you).. But.. real silence is only achieved with death.. :| You will be remembered.. And thanks for the "kilig" moments my friends and I had while looking at your picture just before our seniors graduation last month (March, 2011)..  
And after all this.. i've still got teary-eyed.. :( Hindi ko nga sya nakilala personally.. he's a total stranger to me.. Pero.. just imagining another person just died.. someone who left lots of people behind.. :howiwish: Hirap tanggapin.. Pero ganun tlga may aalis.. may darating..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ignored.. just another facebook status..

Woke up at a wrong time again.. felt so uneasy and lazy onto doing something really important..why does it have to be like this? *pathetic frog* LOL

Anyways, I checked on my facebook account *as usual* and read my flooded news feed..
Just read this status from one of my facebook contacts *peri_chan*

i just HATE the FACT that every time YOUR NAME lights up on MY PHONE, i FALL for you a little bit HARDER. and every time MY NAME lights up to YOUR PHONE. . .well, im just ANOTHER GiRL YOU TALK TO. "

Just one of those realities that we have.. geez..(Confession: This happened to me before! Hmm I don't think so) Geez.. this only means that we have put too much special attention :howiwish: to someone who doesn't exactly give us equal or same attention at all.. Should I say it's equal? or "someone who can't return the attention we have towards them".. And it's impossible ok! There's even no "equal feelings" in relationships..

But it saddens me when I remember feeling something like this.. :lonely2: The feeling of being un-noticed with their lives.. and ignored in such instance..(based on my personality this means a very  thing... I always want attention..from the person I :heart:)Well just imagine yourself being put aside?

Hmm..probably someone else could be more important in their lives than you are.. :howiwish: kumbaga "you are not the highlight.. " or "you're not someone who's much more special than everyone else.."
wag ng magdeny ng katotohanan.. tsk3.. hindi ikaw ang gusto.. or "wala kang ganung impact sakanya".. haha what an analysis.. it's not being a hater or bitter! it's just accepting the truth so you won't be having that false hope! or broken heart?? hmm ang sakit sakit kc mafeel na halos wala ka lng sense.. :intears1: so better accept nalang.. hehe kung may something kayo then confront that person... "bakit ganito nalang? parang wala nalang dateng text ko sayo?" :howiwish: tsk3.. kalurky!!! pero kung wala naman something sainyo.. then just let it be.. Never dictate on how one should react over something, they're entitled with their own reactions.

bottom line is: it feels much better if someone willingly act what they do.. not because they know you were hurting inside.. but because they choose to do it.. because they like you..*itetext ka, hndi sa pinilit mo sya mgreply.., pero dahil sa urge inside him to reply to you.. sweeet*

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chat with my dearest cousin.. the longest videocall I ever hadso far..

I've been chatting with my cousin who's now outside Philippines, :happy2: for quite some time now. Well it's actually our longest chat ever! This time we had a videocall via yahoo messenger. :wink: She demanded to use yahoo messenger chat session... :yeahright: so we let it be. And to :happy2: my surprise she initiated this videocall.. wow she's just a grade 5 girl but knows how to do this stuff over the internet already :exclamation1:.. pretty cool huh..:happy:

We actually started around 6:30 pm (Philippines time,+8) and ended just some 10 minutes ago or something.. and yeas I did blog right away :evilsmile: To be exact I think it's 11 pm now.. so it was almost 4 hrs :exclamation1: This was a record breaking chat session for me.. 4 hrs of videocall.. haha funny but it's true.. Only with simple chat I can extend that long. :howiwish: I've done 8 hrs straight chat, but it's pure chat.. very different to this one..

Hmm our family really loves our cousin.. she's the daughter of our youngest aunt.. :happy1: So we talked about our whole family.. and the other cousin and tito from the house next to us..
(Just consider us as an extended family.. if you want to.. we like it naman that way)

:happy: Haha that pic is really funny.. The girl with the green goggles is our cousin, Trisha..
The girl beside her is :wink: their neighbor Abhie (not sure on how to spell her name)
The man with blue goggles is my dearest father..
And the girl at the right most, beside that man, is ME!!

At that moment, we were talking about our swimming plans.. to my surprise papa and Trisha suddenly rushed and race to show off their goggles.. (My father used to dive before.. but not anymore today, so he has that goggles). They swim in action (just for fun) as if they're really swimming haha.. :happy:

Abhie is really cute :moe: .. she was dancing and wrestling my cousin!!

And my sister, girl in black shirt, just arrived from some neighborhood meeting or something.. 
not really sure what is that haha

And then my cousin's mommy, Auntie Eva, at her left side..
Our other cousin, ate Marian, at the middle of everyone haha..
Ate Shela, girl in black shirt..
Me.. rightmost..
Too bad I didn't took shots when me, :lonely2: mama and papa were on cam >.<
:eek: I totally forgot. *sad*

Thanks to Yahoo Messenger for giving us opportunity to chat that long with our :airplane: overseas relatives. :wink: This is much cheaper and better than the long distance phone call. You bet! Haha. Well I'll say that thank advantage of the current means of communication cause for sure it's cheaper and more reliable.

More of family chat sessions to come.. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Guy in my Dreams.. Song Seung Heon..

The very first korean guy I really like :kawaii: so much.. I first so him in the korean drama series "Endless Love" (there were two series of Endless Love where he was in to), then with the movie "So Close", and just lately with another Korean drama series "My Princess"
oh damn he's so cute..  I really like him like really crazy :exclamation2:.. wooaaah Oppa :exclamation1: Mr. P :exclamation1:

The pic on the left side is his former profile pic in facebook :)The pic at the right is his latest pic from facebook..

On April 7th, actor Song Seung Hun uploaded a sel-ca onto his me2day account to update his fans on his whereabouts.

He commented, Hi! Everyone has been doing well, right? These days, I am spending my time meeting friends that I hadn’t been able to meet and getting the sleep I hadn’t been able to get – [I'm] enjoying this long-awaited break! He later added,It’s been a long time since I uploaded a sel-ca, I don’t really like this one, but I’m uploading it! Everyone, always stay healthy. Let’s see each other soon with smiling faces!”.

(Source: from Facebook official fan page of Song Seung Heon and Nate)

Commuters warnings, please Act Smart! Not stupid!

I've just read some story or a blog/note in facebook which was shared by one of my contacts in facebook.:a:
It something that's scary but it's real..
Usong uso kasi to sa pinas. Ewan ko ba.. 
ganito ata talaga kadesperado mga tao dito at parang ang dali dali lng kunin ang buhay ng iba :annoyed:

note (the story):
Hindi ako makapaniwalang may mga tao talagang handang pumatay para lang makuha yung mga materyal na bagay na gusto nila o siguro dala na ng desperasyon kung paano makakatawid ng gutom.
Kwinento sakin ‘to nung kaibigan ko kanina:
Papunta sila ng kaibigan niya sa CEU kahapon para sunduin yung isa pa nilang kaibigan. Sumakay sila ng jeep sa may bandang Ortigas. Pagsakay nila, konti lang yung mga pasaherong nakasakay. Mag-jowang magkayakap, isang matandang babae, sila, tapos yung driver. Sa may bandang likod sila nakaupo. Yung mag-jowa yung nasa may bandang unahan ng jeep. Nakasandal si ate kay kuya na parang natutulog tapos si kuya nakayakap kay ate. Yung matandang babae naman nasa may bandang gitna. Inaabot na nung kaibigan ko yung bayad niya dun sa lalaki pero hindi siya pinapansin kaya yung matandang babae na lang yung nagabot ng bayad. Yung matandang babae din yung nagabot ng sukli sa kanila. Napansin na din nila nung mga oras na yun na ang sama ng tingin ng driver sa kanila. So medyo nagtataka na din sila. Mayamaya, biglang sinabi sa kanila nung matandang babae na bumaba na sila. So lalo silang naguluhan kung saan mas matatakot. Sa manong driver na masama yung tingin o sa aleng bigla na lang nagyayayang bumaba ng jeep. Hindi na din sila nagisip tapos bumaba na sila ng jeep. Pagkababa nila ng jeep, sinabi sa kanila nung matandang babae kung bakit. Buti na lang daw hindi sila nagtanong kung bakit. Sabi nung matandang babae patay na daw yung babaeng nasa jeep. Hindi daw mag-jowa yung dalawa. Kaya nakasandal si ate kay kuya tsaka nakayakap si kuya kay ate kasi may nakasaksak kay ate na ice pick. Kaya hindi din inaabot ni kuya yung bayad. Napansin din daw ni ale na medyo nangingitim na yung bandang leeg ni ate. Kaya din daw siguro masama yung tingin ni manong driver sa kanila kasi baka binabalaan na din silang bumaba.
Nakakatakot lang kung iisipin mong isa ka sa mga nakasakay sa jeep na yun. Sobrang nakakatakot. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi ka na talaga makakasigurado kung sino yung mapagkakatiwalaan mo tsaka kung hanggang kelan na lang yung buhay mo. Nakakatakot na, lalo na kapag gabi.
Kaya paalala lang sa mga madalas bumyahe sa gabi, mag-ingat. Hangga’t maaari, maghanap ng kasama. Tsaka wag kalimutang magdasal. Hindi mo man akalain pero malaki ang impact niyan.
-A student from AB Pol Sci. (UST)
Got this from a friend, Carlo. Shinare ko lang rin. :|

Here's the link from facebook:
Sorry if it's in Filipino language...

It's a scene from a public jeepney... there were only few people on the ride.. Then what we might expect as a sweet scene isn't true because there was this man and woman sitting close to each other inside the jeepney...
I was wondering....
Is that girl the man's girlfriend? I doubt it.. :eek: perhaps the guy just stick with the girl or something.. Or :a: perhaps she's really the girlfriend..
When do this two plan come down the jeepney??? OMG
The girl's dead.. she was stabbed by an icepick. :intears2:
this is not the real ice pick used from the story
Will that man stab everyone else on that ride? :annoyed: WTF!!
Come on! Please use this tool according to its purpose :exclamation2::exclamation2::exclamation2:

Just 2 days ago, the radio announcer we were listening to just said that another woman was also a victim of this
robbers.. they were about to stab her also with an icepick. Good thing was that the woman was with a man (probably her friend). The man threw a cellphone away from them then those robbers went after the phone :eek: instead of the woman.

These are the kind of stories I definitely don't want to hear. :annoyed: But it happens.. for some reason :howiwish: we must accept it really does.. :a: That's one way where we can start thinking of possible ways to resolve these issues or find ways to avoid it from happening again..
  • if possible, avoid coming home late :exhausted: alone..
  • if we are to come home late, find some companion on our way home.. or to anywhere our destination is
  • always be ready.. act smart! not stupid! :exclamation2:
  • bring stuffs which can protect us on scenes like this.. ballpen, scissors.. etc
  • pray to God.. :howiwish:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading professional values and ethics..

early morning readings...

I am reading some articles for my first class this morning.. and I found this article.. really good points to keep in mind here.. : wink: 

Ethics is designed to educate people, to help them to behave properly with others, to communicate at the workplace, etc.
Professional values and ethics guidelines shows how an organization expects the employee to behave while being employed and what moral standards should he meet.

Read the complete article here - Professional values and ethics

Better be ready for the workplace's environment to help for the organization's and one's success.. If we become too reckless and inconsiderate in our workplace, we at most times, :howiwish: may cause issues to arise and probably argue with other employees.. We and the organization which we are employed would want to avoid this definitel :exclamation2:

Hmm.. preparing myself for a scary place then.. :happy: kidding :exclamation1: better be right in my actions and decisions then.. :wink:

side effect of too much sleep... whhaaatt??

Geez.. I just woke up at 4 am.. and this means a lot.. "I JUST OVERSLEPT!". :eek:
In my course (college degree)  it seems that getting asleep gets you nowhere..
Sleeping can't help you finish lots of those things you have to do..
In the end.. you end up cramming.. :intears1:
Geez.. Sleep is something we have to use wisely.. :lonely2: or else we turn out dead with our deadlines..
Oh my I just love sleeping.. why on earth is this happening.. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what to do before summer class begins..

Hmmm.. having a nice sound trip at 4 am  
Enjoying the rest of my summer vacation..
because in just less than 4 hours, I'll be having my summer class.. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

reconstruction update 1

Hmm perhaps I really don't mind spending lots of time designing and finding ways to improve my blogs.
I think that as of now I enjoy more this activity than the actual blogging!
That's funny .. but that's just the way it is.. and so be it..

So for this update I have done these stuffs so far:
  • find a good theme or layout for this.. it's named pink stripes
  • personalized my welcome widget.. and added some widgets (twitter updates widget)
  • shows the navbar (this theme hides it so I find a way to show it)
That's just it.. hoping to add more later...

Monday, April 4, 2011

YouTube - "My Princess" OST - 이상은 - Falling [Lee Sang Eun] . 01

Currently listening to this OST which I definitely do not understand.. but makes my heart beats faster :kawaii: and makes myself smile :happy2: this at this early morning of April 4..

So far.. :eyes: my favorite OST from "My Princess"... :)