Friday, June 15, 2012

Brownout won't stop my must-do stuffs
I would like to apologize for almost a week of inactivity in blogging, late comment moderation, blog comment exchange, email response, etc. :a37: We have been experiencing power interruption for the whole week!!! We were given brownout schedule starting from Monday, June 11. Good heavens :a67: cause our place got the 8am-3pm brownout schedule. Some had the 3pm-10pm. Then just last Monday eve the whole city experienced black out (that was around 11:30pm). And the power went back on Wednesday 1:30 am! :a22: For someone like me who has been too much dependent on electricity for laptops/pc, electric fan, tv, etc.. I find it very inconvenient. I am in the midst of job haunting online :a62: (yes I finally decided to apply for a job after almost three months vacation). I am really afraid that some may contact through email and I'd be responding late. Or some maybe calling my cellphone for phone interview :a53: but I am low in battery already! There are solutions to these: go to an internet cafe shop or eat somewhere where there's wifi and I can charge. But these are very much expensive. I can't do this everyday. I just did the latter for 1 day. Not only was I worried for my job haunting but also for the scheduled blog comment exchange. I haven't even browse blogs!!

When the power come back in the late afternoon, I normally check my emails for any response (ignoring some notifications). And in the evening I got to search for jobs to apply online and get some help from forum.  I sleep before clock strikes 12 midnight. When I woke up the next morning at around 8 am, the power is gone once again! Geez!!! I wonder how long we'll gonna suffer for this.

But what like I said from above, we're quite lucky that our sched is for morning. Imagine having no power at night?? And normally the power doesn't come back at exactly 10pm. It extends till 11 or 12 or 1 am! Boooo! So for me, I went out during morning `til afternoon so I can accomplish some stuffs. Since some place could have power (yeah opposite to us), I could go to the offices and process my papers.
  • Apply for IDs, nbi clearance, sss number.
  • Request for another set of copies of my transcript of records and certification.
  • Have a picture taking for reserve pictures.
  • Photocopy all my documents (passport, IDs, the very first TOR I had requested, etc.).
  • Had job interview somewhere.
  • Pay bills.
  • Withdraw moneys.
  • Visit some stores.
http://eemoticons.netI can't accomplish all of these for a day since some took a while for the long lines and slow processing. But all went well for the days. And if next week would mean another week of morning brownouts, I can't redo all the above to-do list lol :)). I guess I just have to do the following:
  • De-clutter my closet.
  • Pile up the unused old clothes.
  • Throw some stuffs from elementary-college materials. (Yeah I kept most of them)
  • And blah blah here... lol
That's gonna be a super hot weekdays if ever. But I'll do those before I could find a job. Better do these while I still have some time.

I hope that with brownouts some people still get up and do some important stuffs. Don't be a bummer! Get up cause it's even hotter when you stay at bed. :-w