Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Voted for Phillip Phillips on American Idol 11

Yeah I just voted like 30x to Phillip Phillips of American Idol Season 11.

I want this 20 year old guy to win this season of AI against Jessica Sanchez. I am a Filipino and I am proud of this Fil-am contestant, Jessica Sancez, and her voice is :a51: really amazing BUT :a36: I just want Phil Phillips to win it. Jessica sings better, obviously. She has this :a56: power to her voice and can show emotional expression while singing. Phil Phillips on the other hand is :a34: not the typical singer who sings to reach that high notes. He recreate the song he sings and own it! He may change the tunes and everything but he puts his trademark on whatever song he sings.. he performs a bit unusual LOL.. :a56:  but nevertheless I can see the passion in him, putting soul to the music, and the artistry to whatever he sings.. He is more than just a singer.. he is a musician :)

Well for whatever other reasons I want Phillip Phillips to win this competition.. No offense to my co-Filipino.. but for me Jessica Sanchez is a great singer but Phillip Phillips is a great artist! And I want a great artist to win this competition.. not just a great singer...

Well I voted online via Facebook app :)


Jonalyn Quita said...

Ako Rin. I'd vote for PP coz he got the total package. Though I admire JS too. Not sure if the FB votes from the Philippines were counted.

Rae said...

I agree with you. Phillip kasi has a distinct sound na. You would know it's him.

Saka makikita mo sa face nya na connected talaga sya sa song.

Another thing. Powerful ang voice ni Jessica, yes. Pero if I'm going to listen to her songs the whole day, parang ayaw ko, parang di sya relaxing. Gusot ko yung chillax songs e.

krizza said...

Hmmm...di ako kasi nakaka watch nito but I've heard a lot lang about Jessica. Hope to watch the replays online. :)

avagabondmom said...

didn't like PP at all. :D thought it was jessica vs joshua. i'm pretty sure votes casted outside the US were not counted.

Sigrid Morales said...

@Jonalyn: Yup PP having that total-package-thingy is the reason why I really voted for him. Sana nacount yung votes sa FB but even if they not ok lang winner na din naman si PP

@Rae: exactly! Very well said.. It's Phillip's songs that's in my playlist because it's relaxing, alternative, indie, jazz and walang "biritan".

@Krizza: You can watch video clips from American Idol's website and youtube. When I have time I'll post some video clips on my blog.

@Ava: Haha it's okay I respect that.. I also thought Joshua's going to the finals because of his voice :)