Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The husky talking dog :) Mishka

While I was blog lurking, I've stumbled into this blog post about dogs that talk. The blog post contains a video clip of this cute Husky dog mimicking human sounds. I was soooo happy :kawaii: when I started playing the video. Aside from the fact that I really :heart: Husky dog and I'm :moe: dreaming to have one, this dog just can talk slash bark "I love you". It seems like it's even vocalizing LOL.

Watch this video clip here.

I was in doubt at first for this video because it seems :a4: her/his owner was the one talking "I love you" then suddenly Mishka starts :a12: talking/barking syllables that would match "I love you". Haha and then this dog howls! It should sound scary, cause it's like a hungry wolf howling, but it was cute when Mishka does this. :a34:
Good girl!!!
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Lawrence said...

lol... this is cool.

Lalah said...

Such a cool video. I showed it to my nephew and he totally flipped can't stop talking about it. :)

madjewelled said...

same with you i also love and wish to have a husky :)

Gene said...

This is so cute! I love dogs but it looks like they didn't really like me. I've been bitten so many times but I still love them. :D

Sigrid Morales said...

Thanks for enjoying the video po :D

@Gene: don't worry training lang din you can get dogs trust you hehe