Sunday, January 8, 2012

My 2012 Horoscope - Cancer! not anymore nega!

Well it's not :yeahright: my usual habit to read horoscopes or ask predictions or any premonition from anyone. The real reason behind is that, almost every horoscopes I've read for my zodiac sign - Cancer, :annoyed: has always been negative! Like I'll find a fight.. I'll lose some things.. etc.. It's irritating and it's making me paranoid! Haha sorry but these horoscopes doesn't help at all in that case :exclamation2:

But a friend of mine shared a link to her facebook account and showed us her horoscope from that website.. :happy2: . I really did visit the link to check on her results and I saw it was related and true to her!!! Swear! So I decided to read mine, :wink: presuming that my results would be better than the usual annoying horoscopes.

2012 Horoscope Cancer

Major changes in your relationships are in store for the year 2012. Some of your near ones are likely to dfit apart leaving you in shattersBut avoid depending on others and rise and shine. Peace and calm shall prevail then in your life. Towards the middle of the year you may need to take an important decision in life related to personal and professional life of yours. If single you might meet the ideal partner. But beware of foxes in sheep’s clothing. New ideas of all sorts take shape this year. Keep your cool, and enter into actions to meet your plans. Success in legal processes are predicted for this year.

Much effort and commitment would be needed this year for good results in your professional frontUnavoidable difficulties shall come from nowhere leaving you in tenterhooksConfidence in yourself shall help you to ward off any negative effects in the career side. You would pursue your long fought ambitions with renewed vigor and strength. Reveal your inherent talents to the workforce. The first half of the year would be very much exhausting while the latter half shall see you off sailing smoothly.

Finances shall take a good shape for you this year. Maintain your financial balance in a sensible way. An increase of income flow is assured but make sure you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, diversify your portfolio. You can go in for some artistic pursuits for augmenting your finances for this year. It would give you the much needed mental and financial satisfaction in life. The second half of the year shall see a fall in your debt levels which would be a great moral booster for you.

Much peace and tranquillity shall prevail in your love front for the year of 2012. Stability in relationships is also guaranteed. Your ideals in relationships shall be met during this period. Be free to open up your heart to your loved one, be frank and try to understand the feelings of your partner. This is the apt time to clear any clouds of doubts in your relationship. Generally an average year as far as love and relationships are concerned for Cancers.

You are assured great energy levels for the year ahead. There would be a stability in your moods which had been deviating last year quite a bit. This would give you mental and physical health on a positive noteTake a resolution to cut down in bad habits that had been haunting you for the last few years. Concentrate on your works and take good care of your health.

So this is my horoscope for the year.. Mostly are positive so I enjoyed reading it.. Hahaha :good1:

Reading horoscopes is fun indeed.. It might be true in some way. :wink: Things these said might come true or are true to us but not everything in it! Because not all people that have zodiac signs of Cancer will have a life like this! We don't have the same destiny or life to have.. We might just have similarities with our traits and the experience we might have for this whole year might also be similar to some contents in our horoscope.
But put this in mind that horoscopes are not to dictate to us what we should do with our lives :exclamation1: These are just forecast and guides but we can always divert it.. and make decisions that might alter or go opposite from what our horoscopes say.



JC Drone said...

is this your subtle way of saying "marry me?" hmmmm...i wouldn't decline prospect of little me's and you's running around (hehehehe)...i'll ask you when i see it fit but rest assured i'm with you in your pursuit for your career :) i'd love to see how good is "Malaysia...simply Asia..." dont worry i'll share with the expenses... :)

Sigrid Morales said...

haha kapay ka talaga baby!!! iba man interpretations mo ;) but i wouldn't mind if this is what my horoscope says :D

let's see.... Malaysia... Singapore.. haha dreams.. we'll make it true.. SOON!