Thursday, June 21, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

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What makes me happy? It won't be too hard to make me happy as I'm a person that could easily laugh :happy2: and smile over almost anything in this world. I appreciate little deeds to enormous deeds that's why :a34: just seeing a father holding his little girl's hands while crossing the street makes me bliss.  When it comes to stuffs, owning it can give me this short termed happiness already lol. Honestly, i'm a material girl too that's why I so love gifts etc. etc. but such happiness can easily fade away. :a67:

:a17: What really gives me this long term happiness are the achievements of my dreams and goals (for myself, family, or boyfriend) , satisfaction and contentment over my situation, life's experiences, risks, challenges and journeys , and the happiness and help I can give to everyone especially the ones I love the most. My daily life is about seeking for this happiness while knowing who I am and what I'm for. And along the way, short termed happiness comes and cheers me up.. ;)

Hmm... anyway I think I can give a list of what makes me happy for a more detailed content for this week's meme. I would cover a super wide range of stuffs that makes me happy. It'll be from tangible to intangible and abstract ideas. Read my list below: 

  • Music - I'm a music lover and I could listen to any genre.. It makes me inspired, relax and alive :)
  • Food - chocolates, pizza, pasta, french fries, junk foods, popcorn, salads, sizzling, "lutong bahay", shall I go on?? waaah *drools* 
  • Movies - sci-fi, thrillers, suspense, romance, comedy, war :) I'm not a movie person but I'm fond of going to movie house or watch on our flat screen my downloaded movies or cable movies.
  • KAWAII stuffs..
  • Teadybears and/or Stuff toys - haha I've got two human size teddybears and few stuff toys.. and believe me.. I'm even asking my bf to give me more haha

  • my bf :a2:  - his love, support, HUGS, kisses, criticism, and more more more
  • Body massage!!
  • Musical concerts - especially the Pinoy bands!! \m/ rock `n roll!!
  • Family and our bondings
  • Internet and doing stuffs on computer - I just can't spend a day without booting up my desktop and/or laptop
  • Making my to do list either by scribbling to my handy dandy notebook or to my android apps for my table :a15:
  • Buying and organizing my office/student supplies - pens, scissors, handy dandy notebook, cutter, KAWAII erasers, colored papers.. and more more more >.< I want my supplies always complete..
  • pink!!!
  • Friends...
  • Anime!!!
  • Pets!!!
  • Seeing gentlemen scenes *aaaawww* (father, brothers, boyfriends, classmates, guards, etc...)
  • Blogging
  • designing my blog..
  • reading comments to my blog..
  • researching
  • when my hair goes pretty long :D
  • Gadgets - ipod, tablet, cp, laptop

WAIT! There's more but I suppose I'll just stop here for now.. :) Just like we can't count our blessings, we can't list everything that makes us happy too..

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