Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unwinding with myself after the overnight

We left the place we had overnight with around past 9 am already. I went to visit the church to have to have the ash cross placed on my forehead and to pray and thank God for the blessings I've received. I also asked God's guidance and blessing for the coming final defense. :a: I felt really nervous and scared that I may fail. I prayed to have the strength for this event. It was a good feeling to visit the church, have a short moment for Him and myself.

Then I felt this empty stomach rumbling. :eek: I withdraw money so I can eat with this restaurant - Bigg's Diner. :good1: It was only now when I managed to spend time with myself again, have a sit and eat while seriously scribbling the things I have to do.

Yes and I missed reading sort of advertisements of restaurants placed on each table. I don't know what they call it but I read it and have fun with it. :moe: Too bad I can't play scrabble haha.. So while waiting I jotted down few notes.

And here is my food - Cordon Bleu!! It's my first time to order Cordon Bleu in Bigg's because I find it really expensive. I really love it. But that Jufran sauce was really spicy :eek: I can't take it so I just ate the meal plain. Then I access the free wifi so I can check on my emails, facebook and post on twitter updates. :feelsgood2: What a life it is to spend everyday like this LOL.

But I have to go home soon because I have to sleep.... so I left the resto around 11 am so I can catch some sleep. I guess I'm not used to extreme overnight because back then I can manage to have overnights then still  work on school after that.

But then... a thought suddenly came to my head... it's Wednesday.. Ash Wednesday to be exact.. am I allowed to eat meat??? OMG!!! :eek: