Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Enakei and Jennie Enakei Arts

Ever heard or read the words "enakei", "enakei arts", "enakei illustrations", or "jennie enakei

I've come to know these words only a year ago, and perhaps I can help you a bit to know it too. And I  guess you've seen the enakei images already but have no idea that it was enakei.. And perhaps you were attracted to these images too but didn't know there was a certain art behind it, same as I did.

Enakei is an art or illustration created by Korean artist named Suran Park. Enakei  is the abbreviation of - Enjoyable, New, Attractive, Keen, Elegant, Illustration. [cont....]

It portrays young beautiful girls conveying this strong emotions and sometimes are dressed with the latest pop fashion style. Enakei figures are modeled after real korean models.

According to some blogs "airbrush" is used to give that flawless skin with the figures and a romantic feel to it.

So there are two categories of enakei..
  • Enakei - portrays full body girly "cartoons"
  • Jennie enakei - portrays a more realistic look and dreamy and romantic view [ that which made me really love these images ], sometimes there are phrases along with the pictures that adds up the emotions illustrated.

Jennie enakei

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