Sunday, July 8, 2012

Second Travel within Manila ALONE - BONI to MOA

Yesterday, Saturday, July 7, 2012, My eldest brother asked me to go out with them in MOA.. It's not my first time in MOA but it would be my first time travelling alone going to that place hahaha :)). I thought they'd come :a16: and pick me in Boni MRT station or I'll come at SM Megamall to meet with them since they're just at Shaw. To my surprise :-w they asked me to come to MOA by myself.

Motivation? Foods! hahaha

It's been 3 years since my last bus travel going to MOA and I was with my elder sister that time so I know that there's a bus heading straight to MOA and I confirmed it to them.

There could be 3 options from Boni:
Option 1: ride a Bus with Baclaran and MOA signage
Option 2: ride MRT going to Taft, then ride a jeepney or the yellow cab(???) with MOA signage
Option 3: taxi! :))

I chose Option 1 because then again it's cheaper and I won't be changing transportation means anymore. :-P

I rode a Kalentong-JRU-Stop n Shop jeepney and traverse along the Boni Ave.
But the jeepney turned right before the bus waiting area so I went down the jeepney and walked instead. There were many people waiting and I guess all of them are going to MOA haha.
An aircon bus with MOA signage stopped and I head off to its stairs. Ofcourse I confirmed with the driver if it'll be passing to MOA :)
Curtains were all down so I can't really see the landmarks clearly.
When I saw MetroPoint (that's the end of MRT for now) I sent a text message to James and Kuya Seth confirming that I'm heading correctly to MOA. And yes I am.. :good1:
Bus stopped near the Globe structure of MOA and I waited for my brother haha..

Good job DORA!! :a71:
My brother and his girlfriend accompanied me going back home since it was late already. :-P
We rode a bus from MOA with signage Ayala Ilalim, Crossing.... Cubao Ibabaw..
We stopped at Pioneer.
We rode a jeepney JRU-Kalentong from Pioneer Robinsons.
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