Monday, January 16, 2012

Missing in Action


I felt like :lonely1: I haven't had any blog post nor have I visited my blog  for two weeks now. It's the first straight week long absent in blogosphere for this year. Geez...

So what made me busy this past weeks? I was seriously attending to my Capstone (Senior) project trying to get focused and finish it soon. I was rushing because of all other works that are pile up on my schedule this month. Geez... I am really stress right now but is actually excited to finish all these things with the best quality output I can make. I'm just a little worried that I'll miss the deadlines hmm :a:

Here's some of the things I've been doing this JANUARY alone! I've been doing all of these :eek: concurrently.

  • Capstone project completion - covering :howiwish: 70% of each of my day
  • Editing the documentation for an outreach activity
  • Collecting different stuffs from all graduating students of this specific department batch 2012 :exhausted:
  • Preparing for this secret task.. big opportunities ahead
  • Preparing two 3 pages reflection paper
  • Completing some clearance for graduating students
  • etc....

So I really apologize for not being active to my blog geez... I'll try to update as much as I can. Hmm well other than this inactivity is my temporary goodbye for some of my PTC online jobs so as of now I do not mind getting any amount for the sake of getting focus to my school works.

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