Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yearbook pictorial - just a one big smile to offer to eveyone

testing my own photos for lomo and vintage paper effects LOL ;)

Hmmm.. I missed to update my yesterday's activity all because of the fact that I was extremely :exhausted: tired and sleep right when I got home - 8pm!

I woke up quite early yesterday having only like 5 hrs of sleep then went to a salon or was that a parlor shop (not really sure what's the significant difference of the two)? Me and my friends had our hair fixed and make up in that salon which I don't remember the name (only the place). We were supposed to meet at 7am sharp for our preparation so that we won't be coming pretty late to the photo studio but I arrived at 7:30am! Such a shame! Hahaha. But our make up started at around 9 am and there's only one person who'd do it for us 4 in there! Then the gay's friends came over to finish our hair cause if there won't be anyone helping him then surely we'll all get fixed at noon hmp..

Sample shot from my phone
We arrived at this disappointing studio at around 10:30 or 11 am. While waiting for our turn for our yearbook's photoshoot, we had our own photoshoot outside the hall :moe: We are all dressed up with this vintage style because VINTAGE is the theme of our yearbook creative shot! Hmmm.. I wish I could have taken a shot of myself (full body) because we were all busy taking shots from our friend's camera. So all I have here in my phone and tablet were face shots :wink:

Hmm,, then we had our real photoshoot at around 11:30 till 12:30. We had our creative shots taken first and  all I can remember was that my pose was not a creative one :yeahright: because I guess I'm not really someone who can pose creatively or crazily haha. All I do ever since I was young was to smile that big! :happy1: I did not really think of any pose for that cause I just want to smile. Hmm I guess another thing that cause me to hesitate to pose was that the studio didn't even provide any props and even the place was not comfortable enough for us to have a crazy pose :howiwish: hmmm.. The next shot taken was the formal - wearing our toga.

Shots from my tablet
haha sorry for different looks i was trying different effects for my picture
just click image for bigger size

Pictorial inside the studio isn't over yet. After we had our late lunch to Senior Avelino's (the nearest semi-fine dine-in at the studio) :kawaii: we had another photoshoot, exhausting ourselves more. Then we change our get up so that when we come to school we're atleast back to :)) normal. Late that afternoon I had our make up class for our Theology then had my dinner outside the school.
Preparing for the pictorial, sharing stories with our experience during the photoshoot and the extra pictorials with my friends made my day really really tiring but fun :moe: So even though I can't have the best photo in my graduation book atleast one thing to do is over. I won't get depressed for not having a creative shot - cause it's my personality.... JUST A ONE BIG SMILE TO OFFER TO EVERYONE. :happy2:

Credits to:

  • photo taken by MYSELF
  • edit effects to LittlePhoto for Android


okkin said...

haha ayus bga ... syeah.. dai man bga halata as ngani si get up hha :)) nalingawan kuna kaya si icocoment ko haha kaya yan nalang :)

Sigrid Morales said...

haha si get uP? are you blind? haha anyway get up may be good pero si pose negative talaga haha.. paki isip ulig kang comment kasi gusto ko halaba haha joke

okkin said...

haha lol dai kuna talga matandaan eh xnxa . haha papara degrade mo man si get up mo haha :))

JC Drone said...

good! i wasn't there in the picture...baka sabihun ninda ugwa naq ibang babae...tsk....tsk...tsk..."she wasnt the girl i saw you with james!"

then i'd find it hard to explain - she just grew more beautiful but xa rin un! :)

hope i saw you that day...still i cant be in that picture...

Sigrid Morales said...

@JC: hey that's too... :"> haha che! kung makabola ka baby q wagas! well.. you know i won't wear something like that or fix myself like that normally.. i just really hope you were there on that not so normal day.. hmmm.. mauulit man yang dress up ko haha :))

@nikko: che! kamu na ang mafia sa pictorial hmmp!