Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Overnight with my friends... I miss this!!!

I find a little time to make this post for I don't really wanna miss more events to post in my blog.. Whew..!

After I guess a couple of months or 4 months, it is only now when I had a chance to have an overnight with my friends. The reason why is that... hmm should I share it here? Well there's a conflict with one of those people I usually spend an overnight with. If who is that and why? nevermind...

This is us.. the overnight buddies who planned and was there that evening... :happy2: 

Hannah (the girl in yellow) was the "kagharong" LOL.. it was her place, her aunt's actually, well technically hers already...
And us.. the overnight-ers wannabe! I to be the rank first LOL! Honestly I miss having overnights: doing projects while with the group, the foodtrips, and the talks the whole night. Well the whole idea of overnight, that's what I really miss!!

We had this overnight to do our individual projects (that's every overnight motives are I guess). But my broadband failed to grab some signal. I have to use internet to download some free images and communicate with my . Well they had signal but they have to stay outside the house. Since I can't have an access with the internet, :a: I just edited my documentation and prepared my powerpoint presentation for the final defense. But only this morning when I realized that I failed to add the conclusion and recommendation part for my documentation. :mad1: much for the things to do..

This is what we've mostly done and shared the whole evening... the foods and chitchats!

The traditional :eat: food for overnight - PANCIT CANTON (an instant noodles with no soup...) :yum: and soda!

The chitchats and pictorials... (click pictures for bigger view)

you can find more pictures in Ana's album

Thank you for this overnight... Glad to have another one before I end my college life (oh hopefully I graduate). Thanks for the foods though I failed to help in cooking and washing plates. Thanks for the accommodation.

And glad to find new people to spend time with :eyes:


  • pictures from Ana (sorry can't post her fb link here.. privacy please)
  • rilakumma bear picture from
  • pixels and kawaii emoticons from twinklechan@tumblr


okkin said...

nakakamiss talaga ang overnyts :)) sana sa sunud saindo naman... miss kuna mag overnyt saindo >___<

Sigrid Morales said...

haha kung nuarin maorobernayt kita.. pero siirisay daw yan ano :) dapat mayong laptop puro food3p lang ta mahal sa kuryente

okkin said...

haha buong batch? waaha.. xure hmm pag tapos kng defense mi!! overnyt kita para talagang pure iris2ryhan nalang :D

Sigrid Morales said...

haha wow kung makaplano lang ai... dae pwd ang buong batch maawa ka sa harong magagaba haha