Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Updates... :)


Weekend is over.. another week at work will start later ... `coz it's Sunday midnight already.

Hmm.. I haven't got out of our place for my 2 days off.
I just stayed at home.. modifying my blog's template...
Notice that my columns have rearranged... I got a lot of trial-and-error stuffs..
It took me 2 days to finally got these results because.. I'm not so familiar with designing anymore lol..

Anyway.. I'm loving this chart.. got the idea when I happened to do some blog hopping..
Will look for the owner.. and will try to use this as my guide of simple updates..

Food: Corned Beef, "Burgersilog", "Bulalo"
Watching: Missing You (Korean series) - ep: 1 - 15
Listening to: Coldplay - Paradise
Weather: Not so sunny, not so gloomy
Notes: Hmm... continue fixing blog and clean the house
Thoughts: Still thinking lol...

That's just some random update... can't think much.. got really tired for my 2 days..


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Missing my blog,,,, >.<

My inactivity is closing to 1 year already. I can't accept that I've totally missed taking care of my web space.
No updates... totally nothing new here...

I've got lots of stories to share.. (about my new life here in the metro... afar from my hometown),

I've got lots of things to fix in my blog.. design, performance quality, etc...