Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kawaii Emoticons... wave 1!

Kawaii Emoticons...
(I do not claim for these emoticons...these is from photobucket... owner i do not know yet...)
These were hard to find ones.. they were really hidden.. but i'm happy i got a copy.. I really want these emoticons ever since! ;)

:a1:  :a2:  :a3:  :a4:  :a5:  :a6:  :a7:  :a8:  :a9:  :a10:

:a11: :a12: :a13: :a14: :a15: :a16: :a17: :a19: :a20:

:a21: :a22: :a23: :a24: :a25: :a26: :a27: :a28: :a29: :a30:

:a31: :a32: :a33: :a34: :a35: :a36: :a37: :a39:

:a41: :a42: :a46: :a47:

:a51: :a52: :a53: :a54: :a55: :a56: :a57: :a58: :a59:

:a61: :a62: :a67: :a68:

:a70: :a71: :a72: :a73:

:mad1:  :annoyed:  :lonely1:  :lonely2:  :intears1:  :intears2:
:exhausted:  :eek:  :yeahright:  :howiwish:  :evilsmile:
:evilthought: :heartyeyes:  :good1:  :feelsgood2:
:yum:  :eyes:  :moe:  :happy:  :wink: :happy1:  :happy2:
:kawaii:  :a:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unwinding with myself after the overnight

We left the place we had overnight with around past 9 am already. I went to visit the church to have to have the ash cross placed on my forehead and to pray and thank God for the blessings I've received. I also asked God's guidance and blessing for the coming final defense. :a: I felt really nervous and scared that I may fail. I prayed to have the strength for this event. It was a good feeling to visit the church, have a short moment for Him and myself.

Then I felt this empty stomach rumbling. :eek: I withdraw money so I can eat with this restaurant - Bigg's Diner. :good1: It was only now when I managed to spend time with myself again, have a sit and eat while seriously scribbling the things I have to do.

Yes and I missed reading sort of advertisements of restaurants placed on each table. I don't know what they call it but I read it and have fun with it. :moe: Too bad I can't play scrabble haha.. So while waiting I jotted down few notes.

Overnight with my friends... I miss this!!!

I find a little time to make this post for I don't really wanna miss more events to post in my blog.. Whew..!

After I guess a couple of months or 4 months, it is only now when I had a chance to have an overnight with my friends. The reason why is that... hmm should I share it here? Well there's a conflict with one of those people I usually spend an overnight with. If who is that and why? nevermind...

This is us.. the overnight buddies who planned and was there that evening... :happy2: 

Monday, February 6, 2012

grant me... this invisibility...

 I keep checking my blog just to see if there are new comments or chat posted in my chatbox but everytime I do... I find myself guilty of not having new posts. That saddens me.. :eyes: I guess I just can't find time to do so or even if I have one I can't seem to think of what to post. WEIRD! :eek:

So anyway... Just a status update... I've been wasting my time lately I guess. Geeez.. then Saturday (last week) came making me crazily worried. OMG three more weeks and my Final Defense is ON! :intears1: I'm not yet ready for that.. SWEAR!

So I try to keep up.... I did actually until I found only 1 major module to finish to my project. But Monday came and new ideas popped into my head making me modify my project! I say it'll make my project better but with this 3 weeks time it's crazy! :annoyed: So I'll really keep up to finish what I added... not to mention I've been really busy finishing my major module GOSH!