About Me!!

Hi I'm Ayu-chan...
   that was my screen-name way back when I was still in highschool..
My online friends and chat clan-mates called me that way.. it's like I was reborn and named as AYU . They said Ayu was a name from their favorite anime, which I have no idea by that time. But some also call me AYA.. for some reason my screen name has to be changed because I joined another clan.

Hmm not many people know this stuff, instead they call me CID..  my name is closer to that, I guess.

So much about name calling.. I'm a senior college student as of now, 2011, and aspiring to graduate by March 2012. I am happily taking Information Technology at Ateneo de Naga University. I'm from the Philippines and I've been in this world for about 21 years already, and was born on June 24, 1990.

So why MojaMoja?
   It's the language of Mojacko or must I say their expressions used.. like "puu" by Mokona.

I'm the youngest in our family.. and have a prince right now.. We're 4 years of my boyfriend and still counting. I'm happy to be with him and my family.


I've got lots of  favorites and interests..
  • blogging
  • web designing
  • sound trip
  • food trip
  • anime
  • watching movies - silverscreen and cable tvS and computers
  • computer games
  • teddybears and stuff toys
  • pixels and kawaii
  • pets
  • PINK
  • social networking sites
  • chocolates
  • coffee
and  want to dos..
  • tour! tour! tour!
  • Anime cosplay
  • Disney Land
  • sky diving
  • skiing / ice skating
  • bungee jumping
  • zip lining
  • body spa
  • have a big and successful IT company
  • more more more!
Hates  what?
  • backstabber
  • users
  • insecure and bitter people
  • irresponsible
  • liars
Few more things to know about me...
  • I only stand 4'9'' I guess..
  • wears braces on my teeth
  • very short tempered lady
  • I sometimes rushed into things
  • I'm a random person