Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on Me and some bunch of PINK stuffs

I was gone once more.. and because of that I got a lot of stories to share and blog about. But I guess I'll do it when my mind isn't much preoccupied.. and add that up to the things I have to write here by next time :exclamation2:

Hmmm.. anyways... I should have made my blog post yesterday but I was really tired when I came :house: home. Haha I left house because I was really getting bored already. I've been staying too much at home :a12:
So my plans ahead (for yesterday) were to apply for a Postal ID, so I can have another valid ID, and go to Ateneo (my college school) to meet up with my friend :a8: . But then I realized Postal IDs nowadays are not much considered and accepted by some organizations as a valid ID with a reason I'm not pretty much sure about. But I still left house to pay my monthly bill to my dental doctor for my tooth braces. I decided to just meet up with James, :heart: my bf, and her sister at the clinic then took some lunch at Molino Grill (SM branch) with them and my father :a55:.

I stayed a little more at SM because I'll be seeing my friend in an hour. I spend some time alone :a54: while looking at every boutique that interests me. But because I really need to buy some pony tail I head straight to this store - AKSESORIZ. Most of its products are for hair accessories and some earrings, etc. http://eemoticons.net
I do have to control myself buying a lot or I'll end up broke haha. These were the stuffs I bought for myself for my pink collections lol :a56: The comb is from sm market, not from aksesoriz shop. I guess kulang na lang is headband haha :)) I'll definitely be back and buy headbands and clams. hmmf my clam is big because I've got pretty thick hair :a39:

http://eemoticons.netThen I came to ateneo to meet Ana and grab a copy of our pictures from Triumph who's responsible for our college yearbook. Due to my lame afternoon I prefer to come with Ana going to SM and have some snacks and have this quite long CHIKKAs at SM Biggs Diner. Yeah girls really do have long chitchats :D You bet that.

Activity isn't over yet because after I and Ana split up I went back to SM market to buy some other stuffs I really need - MILK and the new product VITA. I'm gonna try that out.  Well that's the time I headed home arriving house at 8pm. Geez really tired. I slept right away.

Hehe till next story! This is how my yesterday's activity happened. :a12:



Aileen said...

It seems like you did have a busy day then. At least, you're not cooped up and bored at home.

Sigrid Morales said...

Yup I just spend some time at malls when I'm really bored ;)