Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 1: A photo that makes you happy

Adobo Rice

This is a photo taken last October, 2011 when my eldest brother treated us for dinner in Molino Grill. He came home from Cavite to pay for a visit and lend me some money to buy my tablet.

Why it made me happy?

http://eemoticons.net Adobo Rice has been one of my favorite food to order in Molino Grill and so far has the best taste of all non-plained rice I've tasted. :a9: Sometimes I think of not ordering food or other main course anymore as this rice has complete toppings already - meat, egg, and vegetables. Yup like Chow Fan.. :yum: Yum.. yum.. it makes me drools..


Second reason is that whenever I have memorable moments in my life, this is the food I've/we've ordered most of the time. Yes believe me from monthsaries to anniversaries to birthday parties to friends gathering to family treats and even holidays this is the food (ADOBO RICE) we always wanted to be present on our table. :a17: I always think that it symbolizes unity for us LOL.. that's really funny so let's put it this way - FOOD is the symbol of unity for us. :)) Haha that's even funnier. And our family is complete most especially during eating time. I guess we're induced in sharing stories and making treasured moments during eating time haha. :happy2: We always engraved our memories on the food, eat it, digest it, make it circulate in our body and make those memories part of our body -- of our lives. That's why we are able to hold memories in our minds because it's actually in us..


Oh what have I been saying?? ;)) We just love eating...

Happy eating time everyone!!!

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  • adobo rice shot by my brother :)
  • large emoticons from eemoticons.net