Monday, February 6, 2012

grant me... this invisibility...

 I keep checking my blog just to see if there are new comments or chat posted in my chatbox but everytime I do... I find myself guilty of not having new posts. That saddens me.. :eyes: I guess I just can't find time to do so or even if I have one I can't seem to think of what to post. WEIRD! :eek:

So anyway... Just a status update... I've been wasting my time lately I guess. Geeez.. then Saturday (last week) came making me crazily worried. OMG three more weeks and my Final Defense is ON! :intears1: I'm not yet ready for that.. SWEAR!

So I try to keep up.... I did actually until I found only 1 major module to finish to my project. But Monday came and new ideas popped into my head making me modify my project! I say it'll make my project better but with this 3 weeks time it's crazy! :annoyed: So I'll really keep up to finish what I added... not to mention I've been really busy finishing my major module GOSH!

But anyway... remember what I posted before? When I list all the stuffs that made me busy this early quarter of the year? (Read it here... missing-in-action) Well my secret task is ON! I was told to do it today.. due date is tomorrow. Another one is due by Thursday... Now how is that? :a: Makes me nervous indeed... but the feeling is really good. I'm quite excited but I'm praying that I'll finish it good.. :howiwish: Really hoping so.. 

That's why I wish to have that invisibility mode for this week and next week, for this week is for my secret tasks.. and next week is for finishing my senior project. I can't allow myself to be distracted in anyway. These 2 weeks will be really critical for me.. I started with facebook. I'm not engaging to any activity yet... hoping I can really be focus.. So please wait for me until I get enough time to write here again.. please.. :(

I'll be writing really soon.... MOJA-MOJA! :moe:

Note: this is a rush blog post... :)

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