Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Travel within Manila ALONE - Boni to PSE Ortigas

http://eemoticons.netI'm not from Manila and :intears1: I've got no experience in traveling anywhere in Manila all by myself. Though we took side trips and mini tours :car: in Manila back then I still got no idea how to travel here. They told me to be like "Dora-the-Explorer" so I can learn on my own. Geez.. i'm scared :(

http://eemoticons.netSince my boyfriend left me alone at my friend's place here in Manila, I've got no more chaperone in going anywhere in Manila. He has to leave and go back to Bicol since his day-off is soon to end. :a22:

After two days of leaving alone.. I got a schedule exam last Friday, July 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm at TOOOT (company to be revealed later) at Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) towers, former Tektite towers, in Ortigas Center. I was nervous because I'll be taking another pre-employment exam.. but I was more scared with the :idea: idea that I'd be going to the place alone. I was confused since there were two PSE in Ortigas, one near in Strata building/tower and the other near San Miguel Ave (I checked it on google maps). Good thing they made it clear that it's tektite towers so I know beforehand that it I should be heading off to PSE near San Miguel Ave.
I've been to Ortigas Center last June 24 from 6am-8am. Me and my boyfriend took a short walk over the streets just to familiarize myself of the landmarks. I used the little knowledge I still have from that short walk for the successful first time travel on my own lol.

How did I prepare for this first travel?

  • I "google" the address the company gave me and searched it on Google Maps.
  • I took note of the "known" landmarks near the target place (tektite towers) which are SM Megamall, Edsa Shangrila, Francis Square, and San Miguel.
  • I make a list of the direction and streets that I have to pass through going are the Francis Square, Julia Vargas Ave, San Miguel Ave, Exchange Road....
  • I visited sites ( and directionsweb) that could give me a more detailed direction just to have another options for me.
  • I verified this knowledge to my friends who are working in Ortigas. 
Now I've got 4 options:
Option 1: Walkathon,
Option 2: from SM Megamall Transport Terminal (behind Megamall) ride FX with tektite signage,
Option 3: from EDSA Central jeepney terminal (near MRT shaw station) ride jeepney with Ugong Tektite signage.
Option 4: ride a taxi LOL :))

Since I want to familiarize it well I did Option 1. :-?
From Boni Ave, I rode a jeepney with Kalentong-JRU-Pioneer signage. It will pass under EDSa, via a tunnel to reach Robinson Forum in Pioneer and Cybergate. :a4: I don't want to take the overpass anymore. But since I'm not familiar with the route haha I missed the first stop. I went off the jeepney and take a longer walk going back under the Boni MRT station to wait for a bus. (Fare: 8php)
I rode a bus (I prefer a bus than the MRT since it's cheaper and not much of rushing people) and stopped at Megamall. (Fare: 10php)
I entered the mall and went out straight. 
I took the overpass (the square shape) lol and walked the sides of Dona Julia Vargas ave and San Miguel Corporation
I took a right turn to make it to the San Miguel Ave
Near the San Miguel parking lot's guard house, I crossed a street to reach the Exchange Road
I just head straight and I found the Philippine Stock Exchange (Tektite) Tower.

that was easy!! and I spent less :)

I took the same route to get back near EDSA. It was really a long walk since I'm not quite confident of the other route :( From Megamall I walked going to Edsa Shang, crossed the busy streets with this thick people and rode a bus near Starmall to head back to Boni.

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