Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2: 20 of my favorite things

This is a make-up post.. >.< I'm so busy preparing for a lot of stuffs so I missed posting for 3 days.. GOSH!

Hmm this post is somewhat similar to my latest post -> Things that makes Me Happy.

20. Gaming.. is my favorite past time..
image from Epic-Quotes
This is a family computer.. It is the first gaming console I've played.
19. Java.. is my favorite programming language.. :)
image from Wiki
18. Pixels.. is my favorite computer graphics
images from chibivillenon-isometric-pixel-art-edanade

17. Enakei.. is my favorite illustration..
read more about enakei at Enakei Post
16. Bed.. is my favorite sleeping place lol
image from helpwithassignment
15. Food?? Almost everything!!
14. Math.. is my favorite subject though I'm not the best in Mathematics in town.. I just love solving problems from Algebra and Trigonometry.. I also love subjects that have a touch of Math like Computer subjects, Economics and Accounting.

13. Social networking sites.. is my favorite virtual communication. :) Back then it used to be texting.. but today social networking sites had proven it's power with its more features than the plain texting. Though texting wins with mobility, the development of technology has cause the rise of mobile gadgets that are capable of accessing internet, thus... social networking sites is becoming easy to be accessed.
12. Coffee.. is my favorite drink.. ooops the aroma.. hmmm
11. Dogs and cats are my favorite pets. My dream dog is Siberian Husky just like Mishka (click HERE to see Mishka).. wish I could have one soon :(
10. Designing websites and powerpoint presentations.. is my favorite thing to do when expressing my creative side.. though I can do handycrafts, I just can't be satisfied with the results unlike when I'm designing websites and blogs and making powerpoint presentations.
9. Internet.. is the favorite thing I browse when opening my laptop or desktop
8. Teddybears and Stuff toys.. is my favorite cushion and gifts I received..
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7. Kawaii stuffs.. is my favorite things to collect and put on my blog's design.. I just can't resist the overloading cuteness >.< Hmm, by the way.."Kawaii" is a pop culture in Japan and also Japanese term for "cute"
6. Movies.. is my favorite thing to watch :) I can watch a movie over and over again.. I don't mind at all especially when it's the only the thing that's good to watch on our cable channel. If there are no movies that meets my standards :a67:, I go for Anime or tv series (from Star World, ABS, Disney, etc.) or educational shows (from Discovery, History, Nat geo..)
5. Music.. :a42: is my favorite thing to listen to radio or my gadgets.. I don't really like dramas or "DJ-caller-conversation" over the radio. If there's no music then I go for news.
4. my favorite color!! I'm trying my best to populate my bag with everything that's pink :D YEAH!
3. Hug.. is my favorite comfort..
image from the-healing-power-of-hugging
2. Fairy tale.. is my favorite story ever created by mankind..
Cinderella.. :)
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1. Love.. is my favorite magic ever done.. it's the only magic I believed in.
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So what are your favorites? :D

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