Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2: 20 of my favorite things

This is a make-up post.. >.< I'm so busy preparing for a lot of stuffs so I missed posting for 3 days.. GOSH!

Hmm this post is somewhat similar to my latest post -> Things that makes Me Happy.

20. Gaming.. is my favorite past time..
image from Epic-Quotes
This is a family computer.. It is the first gaming console I've played.
19. Java.. is my favorite programming language.. :)
image from Wiki
18. Pixels.. is my favorite computer graphics
images from chibivillenon-isometric-pixel-art-edanade

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

Yey it's my very first time to join blog meme.. :) Wait anyone knows what a meme means in blogosphere? hahaha read it from this guy's link ->

Today's week's blog meme was hosted by You can visit her link to read on her post and other bloggers' list/post too :)


What makes me happy? It won't be too hard to make me happy as I'm a person that could easily laugh :happy2: and smile over almost anything in this world. I appreciate little deeds to enormous deeds that's why :a34: just seeing a father holding his little girl's hands while crossing the street makes me bliss.  When it comes to stuffs, owning it can give me this short termed happiness already lol. Honestly, i'm a material girl too that's why I so love gifts etc. etc. but such happiness can easily fade away. :a67:

:a17: What really gives me this long term happiness are the achievements of my dreams and goals (for myself, family, or boyfriend) , satisfaction and contentment over my situation, life's experiences, risks, challenges and journeys , and the happiness and help I can give to everyone especially the ones I love the most. My daily life is about seeking for this happiness while knowing who I am and what I'm for. And along the way, short termed happiness comes and cheers me up.. ;)

Hmm... anyway I think I can give a list of what makes me happy for a more detailed content for this week's meme. I would cover a super wide range of stuffs that makes me happy. It'll be from tangible to intangible and abstract ideas. Read my list below: 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 1: A photo that makes you happy

Adobo Rice

This is a photo taken last October, 2011 when my eldest brother treated us for dinner in Molino Grill. He came home from Cavite to pay for a visit and lend me some money to buy my tablet.

Why it made me happy?

Thinking of taking Blog challenges

Hi everyone :a4:

As my blog post's title says... I'm thinking of taking blog challenges from this day and onwards. I'm a bit sad that I'm not quite regular posting on my blogs.
  • Sometimes I'm thinking I'm quite busy that I can't even open my blog's dashboard and check on everything. :a36:
  • Sometimes I'm feeling that I just don't have anything to post (anything that just have substance and would make sense at all). :a37:
  • Sometimes I just have a lot of stuffs in my mind but I don't have any access to my blog at the moment, making me freeze all those popping ideas in my head. And once I can open my blog I got my mind blank. Geez!!! :a56:
http://eemoticons.netHmm I wonder if these dilemma have struck other bloggers but I really do! So now to help me from posting to my blog I'd take on this challenge. Atleast for now I can have interesting topic each day. And if by chance I got other stories to tell within that day, I'd still be posting it anyway lol. Ofcourse I have too! There's gotta be a happening within the span of the blog challenges lol.

So here's the first  blog challenge I'll be doing:

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm enabling the mouse right click for now..

I think some of my blog visitors are finding it inconvenient in visiting links in my website because of this no-right-click policy of mine :-?. And sometimes I find it inconvenient too especially when I'm browsing links from my commentors and visitors. Clicking most of the links won't open up to another web browser tab instead it directly opens from the current tab..geez..

I know some thinks that having the mouse click enable is not a big deal..
But why did I use the no-right-click policy of mine??
  • I don't want people to get used to right-click-and-save pictures and failing to credit the sources. :a21:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Brownout won't stop my must-do stuffs
I would like to apologize for almost a week of inactivity in blogging, late comment moderation, blog comment exchange, email response, etc. :a37: We have been experiencing power interruption for the whole week!!! We were given brownout schedule starting from Monday, June 11. Good heavens :a67: cause our place got the 8am-3pm brownout schedule. Some had the 3pm-10pm. Then just last Monday eve the whole city experienced black out (that was around 11:30pm). And the power went back on Wednesday 1:30 am! :a22: For someone like me who has been too much dependent on electricity for laptops/pc, electric fan, tv, etc.. I find it very inconvenient. I am in the midst of job haunting online :a62: (yes I finally decided to apply for a job after almost three months vacation). I am really afraid that some may contact through email and I'd be responding late. Or some maybe calling my cellphone for phone interview :a53: but I am low in battery already! There are solutions to these: go to an internet cafe shop or eat somewhere where there's wifi and I can charge. But these are very much expensive. I can't do this everyday. I just did the latter for 1 day. Not only was I worried for my job haunting but also for the scheduled blog comment exchange. I haven't even browse blogs!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ayuchan/Ladyxcid is joining BC Bloggers

I am signing up to BC Bloggers now.. :a55: I've seen this site through the links and badges in the blogs I've hopped to. (Yeah I'm fond of blog hopping)

What is BC Bloggers?
BC Bloggers is a community of bloggers helping each and everyone promote their blogs and make link exchanges easy. :happy2:  You can connect with other bloggers and build your network. You can have link exchanges with other bloggers with same interest as yours or anyone as everyone are happy to have link exchanges. You can find other blogs (other than your friends' blogs) to read on. :) Want to know more about BC Bloggers? Visit

What does BC Blogger means?
BC Blogger is referred to someone who is BUSY but is still willing to Blog exChange of links. :a42:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School's First Day Memories

Hi everyone!

I just realized it's the first day of school from my previous college university (Ateneo de Naga Univ). And while I was at SM Naga I was a bit anxious to hear stories of my friends (who are still in the same school) about their first day. Well I know most stories may be the same but haha maybe I was waiting for funny and awkward moments. :evilsmile: Meanie!!!
So I came to post something about this because of this blog post of someone I'm following.. I was so happy reading his post so I think maybe I could share mine too..
  • Kinder
I was 4 years old when I was enrolled by my mother to kinder with the nearest elementary school at our place. I never really wanted to come to school yet but they told me I have to so I gave it a shot. What I remember is that I just went home straight after arriving at the school. :)) LOL no other memory at all! My mother said that after seeing the place I told them I don't want to come to class. Haha I really don't know why but I never come back to that school anymore. So for the rest of the year I stayed at home with our maid and I watched tv, take some "siesta" in the afternoon and play with our neighbors. :a5: