Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kawaii Emoticons... wave 1!

Kawaii Emoticons...
(I do not claim for these emoticons...these is from photobucket... owner i do not know yet...)
These were hard to find ones.. they were really hidden.. but i'm happy i got a copy.. I really want these emoticons ever since! ;)

:a1:  :a2:  :a3:  :a4:  :a5:  :a6:  :a7:  :a8:  :a9:  :a10:

:a11: :a12: :a13: :a14: :a15: :a16: :a17: :a19: :a20:

:a21: :a22: :a23: :a24: :a25: :a26: :a27: :a28: :a29: :a30:

:a31: :a32: :a33: :a34: :a35: :a36: :a37: :a39:

:a41: :a42: :a46: :a47:

:a51: :a52: :a53: :a54: :a55: :a56: :a57: :a58: :a59:

:a61: :a62: :a67: :a68:

:a70: :a71: :a72: :a73:

:mad1:  :annoyed:  :lonely1:  :lonely2:  :intears1:  :intears2:
:exhausted:  :eek:  :yeahright:  :howiwish:  :evilsmile:
:evilthought: :heartyeyes:  :good1:  :feelsgood2:
:yum:  :eyes:  :moe:  :happy:  :wink: :happy1:  :happy2:
:kawaii:  :a:


Jackie Paraiso said...

so can i copy it too? or if you odn't mind, please email this to me at jackie090981@yahoo.com :) I also love these emoticons

verna said...

These are cute.
I like your site. It's an eye-candy.

Sigrid Morales said...

@Jackie: Hmm I have enabled the mouse right click function of my blog -> Refer to my post why I did that http://mojamoja-ayuchan.blogspot.com/2012/06/im-enabling-mouse-right-click-for-now.html
Yup, for now you can save the emoticons through right clicking it and saving it as.. but pls. give credits kay UNKNOWN MAKER of these emoticons..
But I'll be sending you an email not later than this day for the image links.

@Verna: thank you :D