Monday, June 11, 2012

Ayuchan/Ladyxcid is joining BC Bloggers

I am signing up to BC Bloggers now.. :a55: I've seen this site through the links and badges in the blogs I've hopped to. (Yeah I'm fond of blog hopping)

What is BC Bloggers?
BC Bloggers is a community of bloggers helping each and everyone promote their blogs and make link exchanges easy. :happy2:  You can connect with other bloggers and build your network. You can have link exchanges with other bloggers with same interest as yours or anyone as everyone are happy to have link exchanges. You can find other blogs (other than your friends' blogs) to read on. :) Want to know more about BC Bloggers? Visit

What does BC Blogger means?
BC Blogger is referred to someone who is BUSY but is still willing to Blog exChange of links. :a42:

Why am I joining?
  • I wanted to visit more blogs
  • read more posts, :wink:
  • study other blogs' designs (HTML, CSS and everything), :moe:
  • meet new people :a15: in town. 
  • I wanted to also get better in writing blog posts :a35: as I think reading can help my writing skills. 
  • And I wanted to increase traffic on my blog basically because :a55: I feel happy on every footprints left on my blog site. Nothing beats the feeling when you've got readers and commentors on your blog posts. And other thing is more traffic can help in monetizing my blog ..:a51: yup honestly..

BC Blogger experience
http://eemoticons.netI'm not an official BC Blogger member yet.. But I participated with their blog comment exchange. It was a real challenge for me as I'm lazy and big pile of things to read is hard! I can only read few... But I take on the challenge as while browsing every blog I found the excitement reading their posts and reacting on it. :a68: Indeed I found interesting topics for me to post too..

How to join?
http://eemoticons.netVisit the or go straight to their section for bc bloggers join-bc-bloggers-here.
You may find BC Bloggers on facebook - and twitter -

http://eemoticons.netI recommend you to join this site :) You'll surely have fun in blog hopping and reading lots of posts. But don't forget to leave footprints on their sites :a17: okay? Have it easy for you to exchange links with lots of people from the blogosphere!

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