Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School's First Day Memories

Hi everyone!

I just realized it's the first day of school from my previous college university (Ateneo de Naga Univ). And while I was at SM Naga I was a bit anxious to hear stories of my friends (who are still in the same school) about their first day. Well I know most stories may be the same but haha maybe I was waiting for funny and awkward moments. :evilsmile: Meanie!!!
So I came to post something about this because of this blog post of someone I'm following.. I was so happy reading his post so I think maybe I could share mine too..
  • Kinder
I was 4 years old when I was enrolled by my mother to kinder with the nearest elementary school at our place. I never really wanted to come to school yet but they told me I have to so I gave it a shot. What I remember is that I just went home straight after arriving at the school. :)) LOL no other memory at all! My mother said that after seeing the place I told them I don't want to come to class. Haha I really don't know why but I never come back to that school anymore. So for the rest of the year I stayed at home with our maid and I watched tv, take some "siesta" in the afternoon and play with our neighbors. :a5:

  • Kinder once again
I am 5 years old when I was enrolled to kinder grade again. This time I am studying at the same school my siblings are, Naga Central School 2. They were already elementary. This time I was so excited, energetic and prepared with my school stuffs! :happy2: I love studying but last time was not a good time for me lol.
I came to school with my mother wearing our school uniform and backpack with complete school stuffs for kinder and some snacks. I was having fun because it's my very first day of schooling lol! I had one very cute classmate. He stands out from the rest as well as this people I made friends with. I find a group and mingled with them really well. :)

  • Grade 1
Now I am Grade 1 at the same school. I belong to Section 1 since I passed the reading examination during the enrollment process. I don't know but I guess I was trained very well :a25: by my mother that I thought the examination was okay. At our classroom we were grouped by 3 or 4 (I guess) and we sit together per table. I barely know anyone from our class, only few familiar faces. :a37: I can't remember well what happened because I guess we just went home really early during the first day and I was picked up by my mother or siblings before coming home.

  • Grade 6
It's the last year for our primary school. :a15: The girls as usual, grouped themselves and had those crazy chats together. Well we have our hi-s and hello-s with the boys too but we choose to speak with the girls first because we were so excited sharing a lot of stuffs - stories, kikay kits, etc. :a39: And as we all know we are entering the "puberty" stage. We had to consult one another about these awkward and eerie experiences we had. Some of those experiences were having pimples, abdomen? pain, menstruation, BOYS, BOYS, BOYS! It's too revealing I know but we were really close since we were classmates since grade 1 (section 1)!!!! We had the same problems with pimples and excitement with boys! :)) OMG kirs??? lol we talked about :"> courtship.. and blah blah blah. We didn't listen to our teachers for that whole day! We spent it all chit-chatting :a56:

  • 1st year highschool

I got to study from the same school my siblings took their highschool life, Camarines Sur National High School. But I got to study at the annex of our school that's a bit far from the main campus, where my sister is at. :happy1: I belonged to the the Science Oriented program of our school..
On our first day, we were asked to form a line outside our room in alphabetical order based from our surnames listed right outside the room. To my surprise :24: I was enlisted at the boys group!!! Well some of my friends from elementary who happened to be my classmate now in highschool can't help themselves from laughing as they knew I am a girl! Yeah and the rest of the class :a37: doesn't know that "Sigrid" was a a girl!!! LOL because of that all of our teachers have to correct their class records as they enlisted me as a boy too... :a47: And I am called from the boys list from every rollcall and attendance checking during our first quarter in first year highschool. Now how is that!! hahaha

  • 1st year college as Nursing

This is my very first day in college. I am excited to start my college life already and start studying! :a42: Yeah I tend to forget to meet new people because of these excitements I had! I wasn't worrying so much as I have my former highschool classmates with me in the same class I belonged to so we took sits closed to one another. :a34: It felt like we owned our place since we never stop chatting lol.
Then every class we had we do our introduction like a "sirang plaka". I get feedback that a lot doesn't know our previous school and look at us as low profile people. How mean! Then I figured out that a lot of our classmates are not from our city. Mostly are from the nearby towns and cities. They indeed graduated from private and well known schools (as some said). Well doesn't matter because at this point of time we're all at this school already.
Making friends was hard as a lot of them are from different places and they have friends with them too. They conversed using their dialects so :a58: we can't eavesdrop even more nor try to butt in. Haha and I can say first day was a bit boring because there were fewer students from that exclusive school than what I have expected. (not even an interesting guy is around grrr..) Well how was I at the school?? Soooo talkative :)) That's what excitement made me do.

  • 1st year college as IT

It's my second time to enter college! :a15: And yes I was successful in abolishing the idea of me taking a course which I think will give me curse in the near future (nursing). No offense to those who were RN or are taking nursing today.
So this time I got to transfer to another university, Ateneo de Naga University, and change course to BSIT. The place is just a few meters away from my previous univ. :a10: But for me the whole environment is different. Since I am a transferee, my new classmates are mostly younger than me, the ones who we can refer as the regular students (because it's the regular year for them). :a37: I honestly don't know how to associate with this younger people and I am ashamed with the fact that I'm older than them and I'm a transferee and course shifter.
My father brought me to school riding with our motor bike (as he always did all of schooling life). When I entered the univ, :a46: I get so amazed as it was the biggest school I'd ever had in my whole entire life at that moment. I was walking with my big smile :happy2: and as I walked through my first classroom assignment I met my highschool crush (who get to transfer to another school back then when I was 2nd yr HS) along the way. Geez.. we stopped and stare at each other for a little while *kilig* moments but.. I chose to ignore him as I was really shy and overly blushing :"> LOL. When I entered the room, I barely know anyone. I decided to take a seat at the back as I am really shy and scared with this youngsters! *Low profile ang drama ko teh* I always do seat at the back from that time on and I get to befriend first all the guys at the back rows and "oldies" students too! How funny. And then for the whole day we never skipped introduction by ourselves for all those subjects lol. ;))

So how was your first day at school? Well just have fun and goodluck!!!



Anonymous said...

Your school is looking good with its architecture. Is this the same school they named Xavier?

Gelo said...

Nice school story... very long post hehehe

Sigrid Morales said...

@Itin: Yes their main buildings are really good.. Hmm no they're not the same though they're like sister/brother school. Ours is located in Bicol and Xavier is in Cagayan :)

@Gelo: Yeah.. I tend to blah blah about lots of stuffs >.< Hope I can narrate briefly after some time.. Charge this to my training ;)

Miss `Chievous said...

aww, there must be something that happened that made you think the way you did.

ladymoxie said...

This is completely unrelated to your post, sorry, but I just want to rave about your theme/template! I'm not a big fan of anything pink, but I love how good the pink in your blog looks. Everything is so CUTE!

Sigrid Morales said...

@ladymoxie: Oh thank you.. Ever since I was 14 I dream of creating cute templates.. and I just did now even though it's been ages lol.. that's why my template is so childish and pinkish.. :)

Vera said...

There were some first days that were not as good as others. I remember one time, perhaps on my second year of college i got sick after commuting from the university to our new home.

On my third grade also, I developed a headache while in class. I think I was stressed out! haha :)

Sigrid Morales said...

weee.. haha nabibigla ka po ata sa mga first day of classes :D okay lang yan halos wala pa naman ginagawa sa 1st day haha

Rochelle O. said...

so you went to ateneo de naga, I have a friend who currently study there. Anyways same here I'm always talkative in school. lol interesting post! Happy Blogging! (:

seth said...

Wow! Up to now natatandaan mo pa ang mga nangyari sayo ha ako kasi hindi na...hehehe....My kid will have his first day of school din bukas and I wonder ano kaya ang feelings nya about sa first day ng give me an idea! maybe I should encourage my son to write down his experiences para in the future may babasahin kamin memories together! Thanks! :-)

Jonalyn Quita said...

Hahaha! Kakatawa :D very pure hearted and innocent,like any child. I wonder how it's going to be for my son. Hes 4.5 yrs old and its his 1st day of class later. Fingers crossed...

Janice said...

Aaahh... memories. It is nice to think about school memories.

Tin | The Average Jane said...

I had to be brided with a Rainbow Brite lunchbox before my parents could even say the word "school" without me crying. Heheheh! =)

Sigrid Morales said...

@Rochelle.. weee thank you :D

@seth: I just graduated from college and I wanted to write everything na naalala ko about 1st day sa school kasi baka dumating din yung time makalimutan ko din... wanted it to be engraved to this blog.. Yup encourage your son.. matutuwa kayo after several years pag binasa nio ulit :D

Sigrid Morales said...

@Jonalyn: Hi mommy Jonalyn.. it's gonna be great for your son :D sure yan.. Just support him and be with him at this stage of his life.. :D para di sya matakot sa school..

@Janice: Wee.. may naalala ka ba about your school memories?

@Tin: hehe good thing ;)) they gave you what you want or else you may not have come to school back then..