Friday, September 30, 2011

Cid'sJottings... Munting Salo salo nina sir Ivan :)

Daily Update here! 

Goodnight fellas.. :)

on the party: (left-right) Sir Dax, James, Me
photo credits to sir Ivan

So the happening for today was kinda weird but I kinda like it in some other way. I missed to do the plans for the morning and afternoon but actually accomplished the last thing on my list - have my appearance on Sir Ivan's baby's christening celebration.

So I think I'll just remove all those missed activities since they'll just bug me with thoughts of "what if I did...blah blah blah". Hmmm... what I actually did from 9am - 3:30 pm (God, forgive me for this procastination I had) was to finish that Big Fish Game installed in our pc. And I actually did finish it - all of the stages! That was creepy and note really good (for academics reason) LOL! By 4 pm I had to prepare already for the 5 pm Christening event. Again as expected I was late. I left the house around 5 pm (at ano pa ba nyan maabutan ko sa simbahan?) and heck traffic starts from that Park, Magsaysay Ave (the waiting shed)! That's still a long travel going to Naga Cathedral so seriously they could have left by the time I arrived at the church.[cont..]

I was mad at the traffic, I lose my temper and get really pissed off!

I arrived at the place around 5:45 pm. Good heavens that was 45 mins travel with just that short distance! It wasn't like this before! And I was entering the other gate, I already saw my Boss' van leaving the other gate. Yeah the event is already finished.. felt really good? Heck no!

*is thinking*

I was wondering if maybe I should just left and since James (also one of Sir Ivan's workmates) didn't show up maybe I should really go. But it isn't fair to leave him. I promised I'd come with him and he knew I'll wait there! Hmmmm... and he was just late. The he decided to follow and go to Sir Ivan's place. There were many people and nakakahiya pero tuloy pa rin kame pumasok. Sabi ni James what matters most daw is the thought of us coming and finding the place.. not really the food :) CHOS!

We've had our meals.. James (my boyfriend) and I shared 2 bottles of sanmig light. I can't let him drink lots of them because he still have his work later at 11pm.. and I can't drink a lot too as well. Then the other  group of people (from sutherland too) started singing with videoke near us. I love watching them sing especially Dara.. it's entertaining. I even got LSS with some of their songs.. Unpretty, Stay, Ang Huling El Bimbo, Unwell. But I wasn't sitting with these bunch of singers. I was with the GTI table. I stayed there because James is there as well and I think that's where I belong at the moment. I was just listening to them also and their topics varied. First were about cars, then networking, computers, OS, processors and just before we left the topic was about their shooting game.

We left at 9pm, sadly we have to. There's just one thing I won't forget with that evening. It was what Sir Ivan told James in public, I mean infront of almost everybody from the visitors who are working in sutherland, that James should be the next dad by next year! The next party will be his. LOL I wanted to shout NO! We just laughed almost wanting to nod our heads cause I don't want that thing to happen yet. Not now or next year.. That's still far from now lol..

So that was it.. a somehow detailed story of my whole day.