Tuesday, October 18, 2011


credits to tristan19019@deviantart

At ako po ay nagpapaantok..
kaya kung ano anong pagbabasa pinaggagawa ko...

At dahil sa 4 am ako natulog kanina medyo affected talaga time ng pagtulog ko now..

And to think I haven't done anything so far this day..
I remembered sleeping almost the whole day..
I just felt alive around 6 pm na...[cont..]

So yun.. 
another day deducted to my senior project's schedule *sigh*
James came and we have our quick and :heart: sweet talks..
I was done editing my reflection paper for my OJT experience.... 
but I guess I found myself seriously doing the final touches

and I finished it with 6 pages already!
darn I made it that long but the requirement was "a 5 page reflection paper"

I realized that when we're thinking of what we wanted to say instead of those number of pages,
we can suddenly produce hundreds of lines full of our thoughts..
Problema lang napasobra yung nasulat ko... 

Even so...
sa 6 pages na yun..I'm proud with my output... 

So hmmm.. yun this is my daily update.. I :)