Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malware Detection on my Blog.. Resolved~!

Image from Google Chrome Blog.
Good afternoon! (to GMT +8:00)

I was visiting one of my twitter friend's blog when it came to my mind to visit my very own inactive blog site. (I have a link of my blog paste in my Twitter profile description) To my surprise... (bad surprise) a notification (similar from the image shown above) appeared saying I have a content from a certain site that may cause malware installation or spread to my computer and/or to anyone who access my site. Just last week, a friend visited my site and didn't find any problem like this. [cont...]

That was a *bang* on my head! :eek: I never wanna be a cause of such spread and problem to anyone. And I don't ever wanna lose my blog site for that.

I wanna know every detail about such malware detection posed to my site.

Hmmm.. when I browsed my blog site from Google Chrome, that notification appeared. I also viewed my site from Mozilla Firefox 5 and Internet Explorer to check, as advised by someone in Google forums. The notification didn't appear indeed when I viewed it with the different browsers. So perhaps it was the Google Chrome's cache and browsing data that could have caused the problem. Maybe a malware resides on this browser's cache.

I deleted Google Chrome's cache from it's Tools.. (tell me if you wanna know how). I had my fingers  crossed hoping it'll work now. But.. in my case it did not. So probably the problem is not from my browser but is from a content of my blog. As advised from Google forum, I might wanna check my links. Whew that's quite a lot links for me...

So I went first on my Blog List.. that's where I keep the links of blogs and websites that I really like. I look for that specific site as noted from the malware detection notification. One of those links from my Blog List was indeed the problem. It was the actual match of the site stated by the notification. Then I removed that link and my blog site went back to its good state.
Too bad cause I really like that site.. I don't wanna mention it here  ! Just ask me what site is that. The least I could tell is that, I enjoyed that site back then because I can get the most updated news and reviews about Asian artists and shows. Well maybe the site was hacked that's why it is now a spawn of malwares..

But I guess it's better that the problem is found exactly on the Blog List. That way I won't be checking every link that is on my post here on this blog.

Problem Resolved for now!