Sunday, September 25, 2011

Song Seung Heon's Student and Graduation Photos: A natural good-looking man!

Well a couple of days ago I searched again for Oppa Song Seung Heon.. and I found his older pictures. Sweet! :heartyeyes: Who would have thought they'll be released to the public anyway :exclamation1: (I mean having a yearbook makes your pictures publicized already but there's obviously less range of people that will have a chance of seeing it, Ayt?)

The original article says: (September 14, 2011)

Recently, Actor Song Seung Heon's student and graduation photos were revealed on SBS' variety show "Late-Night TV Entertainment".


In the photos, there appears a really young and handsome Song Seung Heon during his school days and also how he looks in the present time. He hasn't changed one bit since he was in school. He is indeed a natural born good-looking man.
Also, his mentor from elementary school made some comments in the program about him: " When Song Seung Heon was in elementary school, he had really strong looks with his thick eyebrows, black like ink, but in fact, he was a really lovely child."
What do you think about his past photos? Check out the pictures below and let us know!

Source: soompi news

. . . Nothing has really changed I think.. he still have his thick eyebrows that really gives him that strong, appealing and handsome looks.. ♥_♥ What a naturally good-looking man! :heart: Will his future children look like him, as in like the black and white picture? LOL!

Note: I like reblogging updates of SSH :kawaii: