Friday, December 16, 2011

Selecta Cornetto Disc TV Advertisement

Hey there!
Lately a tv ad of Selecta Cornetto has been a favorite by many Filipinos due to its "cute" effect (pakulo) between two person whom through the newest cornetto product  - Cornetto Disc, expressed their thoughts with one another. The commercial's campaign - Say It With Cornetto! How sweet it is!

I found the advertisement to be really cool! Moe Moe Moe! The advertisement features the song "Hey DayDreamer" by a Filipino artist named Rez Toledo a.k.a. Somedaydream.

Here's the complete video clip of the advertisement:

Guy's thought: ...."You and me, sitting on a tree.."
Girl's thought: .."K-I-S-S-I-N-G"....

"Hey.. DayDreamer!!" 

Wants to listen to the complete song and watch its official music video?

Watch it somedaydream-sings-hey-daydreamer

Credits to:
Cornetto Disc Youtube commercial