Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas on 2011

Greetings to everyone!

It's Christmas time! But I guess it's only 25 to some parts of the world, some are still on their 24th of December so we on the eastern side of the world kinda celebrate it a little bit earlier. Though the more important thing is it's Christmas time to all over the world. Happy birthday to Jesus Christ! He has come once more to our lives. :eyes:

Hmmm.. this year's Christmas was a bit different for our family. It's not really different but it's just that we didn't prepare for it the same way we did in the past 10 years. :wink: This year we bought a simple christmas tree and decorated it with christmas lights and few little things - red and gold. It may not be the best christmas tree you can find in town :a: but it's only now that we build our own. :happy2:  It brings back memories because when we were young we always put up our christmas tree. But we when grew up it's seems like we almost forgot it. :lonely1:

Another different thing for this year is that we haven't prepared our Noche Buena. On the eve of December 24, Filipino prepare food, have all their "handa" and celebrate 12 midnight with the whole family. This "handaan", array of foods, is what we call the Noche Buena.We choose not to have an extravagant Noche Buena because we wanted to save everything for the New Year's eve where our kuya, big brother, will be coming home. And besides we choose to donate to the victims of the Typhoon Sendong instead.

Celebrating it simple or not does not matter at all. :happy2: As long as we did celebrate it with the family and welcome Jesus in our hearts, the :good2: Christmas will be complete, happy and quite sensible at all. How hard it is for some who celebrate it apart from their families and :a: for those who are victim of Typhoons who lost their properties and some family members. May their be Christmas be happy and safe in whatever way. My prayers are with them. :howiwhish:

Come home for this Christmas and greet your family a merry merry Christmas. And don't forget to greet Jesus too and to go to church. :happy2: Share love :heart: for this Christmas everyone!