Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cid's Jottings.. and a Day of Jamming and few Dramas

I woke up really early today. (way earlier than my usual wake up time)
I have to go to my home department the soonest as possible that's why I have to be early enough.
I was worried I might not get one of the required subject for a 4th year student - Moral Theology. I've learned there were only 10 slots left for the last available section.   (Seriously? on the second day only 1 available section left?) I was worried even more that I don't have my approved pre reg form because I failed to get it from sir Fritz. Paranoia here it comes again! 

Well what really works these days is the "kulitan" factor. I prayed and asked our Department Chair to allow me to enroll even if I don't have my pre reg as of now.. I badly needed it.. wooh. I was allowed then. Sir Baks encoded for my subjects and I was still able to join the last available section - 7 slots left! Great great great! Good heavens thanks for these!

Then I realized, as said by James, paranoia and all that worrying inside doesn't help at all. It just puts us nowhere and waste our energy. Just let things happen and try to face the consequences. [cont...]

My transaction at school was finished earlier than what I expected. I did it before clock strikes by 10 am. Woot! Waking up early pays at all. It should have or else I'd really get into depression LOL. Then I met my schoolmates as I was heading out of the school.  I got a "pahabol" invitation from Karen to come with them for a simple treat. I was wondering what the treat is for. 

I've got really slow brain processing that I actually didn't get that it was Karen's birthday! Happy happy birthday to Karen!

To read more about my friend's simple treat for us.. read my other post about it HERE.
It also have exclusive pictures of us, the attendees.. 

But honestly I felt a little bit awkward during the treat at KFC SM... Hindi naman siguro ganun kakapal mukha ko noh? I knew from the very start that there were already people invited before that day arrived (and I am not one of them, neither was I part of the plan to come with their jamming). I just know...  At hindi ko naman ugali na makisingit sa mga event na hindi talaga ako invited  (di naman kasi ako uhaw sa libre at jamming). I was shy to tell Karen that I won't come with them anymore. Honestly, I am not with the group. I was with a few people, part of the group, having fun. I tried to reach out. But I just know when there is/are "certain" people who doesn't welcome others from jamming with their group. (Exclusivity as they say.) Ok just let it be.. I'll just be myself then.

After that I stayed at SM to hang out with James. What I always look for is a time to hang out with him, other than my family. Like what we always do, we had our long talks and long walks and foodtrip! We decided to cancel out our plan of watching PrayBeyt Benjamin for that afternoon, we'll just eat at Greenwhich and have a long long conversation there. It's like a weekly report delivered to my boss. LOL

Greenwich.. My order is Everyday Favorites A and James was Everyday Favorites C

Hmmm... James knew everything.. but he's one of the best person to share things with because he never over-react. He just share his thoughts and comfort me. Uber labas ako ng sama ng loob sakanya that afternoon.. Hindi naman sya nakikialam sa mga away ko o sa mga inaaway ko, kung may kaaway! LMAO. Haha it pisses me off but that's how professional he is.

So we went home at past 4 pm to watch The Blitz from a PIRATED DVD, that DVD really . I'll just discuss the movie somewhere else.

Hmmm.. I guess I'll have to stop here. I felt like this is a real diary entry LOL. I had two posts for today so meju npagod haha.. So.. goodnight for now. Tomorrow is another day to have fun. No programming today hahaha LAGOT!!

Some people are fake, but let your trust last longer. Do what you got to do, but always stay true & never let anyone get the best of you.  - @ at Twitter


okkin said...

But I just know when there is/are "certain" people who doesn't welcome others from jamming with their group. (Exclusivity as they say.) <- isay ni? haha malang share :D..baka ako yan? haha :P

Sigrid Morales said...

haha lol echosero! bako ka yan. tsk3 baka magka issue kung isay ai haha

okkin said...

dai yan... share dali na dai ku man ikakalat ahaha :))