Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ignored.. just another facebook status..

Woke up at a wrong time again.. felt so uneasy and lazy onto doing something really important..why does it have to be like this? *pathetic frog* LOL

Anyways, I checked on my facebook account *as usual* and read my flooded news feed..
Just read this status from one of my facebook contacts *peri_chan*

i just HATE the FACT that every time YOUR NAME lights up on MY PHONE, i FALL for you a little bit HARDER. and every time MY NAME lights up to YOUR PHONE. . .well, im just ANOTHER GiRL YOU TALK TO. "

Just one of those realities that we have.. geez..(Confession: This happened to me before! Hmm I don't think so) Geez.. this only means that we have put too much special attention :howiwish: to someone who doesn't exactly give us equal or same attention at all.. Should I say it's equal? or "someone who can't return the attention we have towards them".. And it's impossible ok! There's even no "equal feelings" in relationships..

But it saddens me when I remember feeling something like this.. :lonely2: The feeling of being un-noticed with their lives.. and ignored in such instance..(based on my personality this means a very  thing... I always want attention..from the person I :heart:)Well just imagine yourself being put aside?

Hmm..probably someone else could be more important in their lives than you are.. :howiwish: kumbaga "you are not the highlight.. " or "you're not someone who's much more special than everyone else.."
wag ng magdeny ng katotohanan.. tsk3.. hindi ikaw ang gusto.. or "wala kang ganung impact sakanya".. haha what an analysis.. it's not being a hater or bitter! it's just accepting the truth so you won't be having that false hope! or broken heart?? hmm ang sakit sakit kc mafeel na halos wala ka lng sense.. :intears1: so better accept nalang.. hehe kung may something kayo then confront that person... "bakit ganito nalang? parang wala nalang dateng text ko sayo?" :howiwish: tsk3.. kalurky!!! pero kung wala naman something sainyo.. then just let it be.. Never dictate on how one should react over something, they're entitled with their own reactions.

bottom line is: it feels much better if someone willingly act what they do.. not because they know you were hurting inside.. but because they choose to do it.. because they like you..*itetext ka, hndi sa pinilit mo sya mgreply.., pero dahil sa urge inside him to reply to you.. sweeet*