Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading professional values and ethics..

early morning readings...

I am reading some articles for my first class this morning.. and I found this article.. really good points to keep in mind here.. : wink: 

Ethics is designed to educate people, to help them to behave properly with others, to communicate at the workplace, etc.
Professional values and ethics guidelines shows how an organization expects the employee to behave while being employed and what moral standards should he meet.

Read the complete article here - Professional values and ethics

Better be ready for the workplace's environment to help for the organization's and one's success.. If we become too reckless and inconsiderate in our workplace, we at most times, :howiwish: may cause issues to arise and probably argue with other employees.. We and the organization which we are employed would want to avoid this definitel :exclamation2:

Hmm.. preparing myself for a scary place then.. :happy: kidding :exclamation1: better be right in my actions and decisions then.. :wink: