Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sad News.. AJ Perez dead..

Another young star was taken away.. :intears2:
Eto agad nabasa ko pgbukas ko ng pc at pgcheck ko sa facebook account ko..
AJ Perez is dead...
I went over the links shared by my friends and the video via Youtube to have some idea what on Earth has just happened!! Everyone was really surprised! :eek: I can't really retell the story here.. It's hard for me to say the complete details.. :intears2: Just a summary from what I understood..

He was on his way back to Manila, riding on a van with his dad and other people.. He was sleeping and leaning on a glass at the left window of the van (I guess). Then a vehicle (truck or bus not really sure) just hit the van! And it damaged the left part of the van where AJ was riding! Worst comes to worst.. That part is where AJ PEREZ was leaning on.. :( He was the only one dead.. I don't know if others were injured.. His brain (left part) was the one greatly injured.. He was brought to the clinic or hospital (not really sure) but even before they arrived there he was already confirmed and announced dead..

(This was his last tweets before the accident happened... who ever knows this will happen to him)
A pic from my fb friend.. Grayzon

This is the original link where I've read (I think) the complete details about this news..

He was so young.. such a good actor compared with those other new actors right now.. He had a great smile.. great minds.. good personality.. he was really cute.. such a good aura

AJ Perez.. hmm you'll remember him acting in one of ABS-CBN drama "SABEL" and those other teen shows before.. And keep looking at him and you'll realize he looks similar to Rico Yan, my other crush..

Rico Yan also died like almost 9 years ago... They were both sleeping when they died, both took their education in La Salle, and parehong ibuburol sa La Salle..

RIP AJ PEREZ... :intears2:
I'm sad.. same as what I felt when Rico Yan died.. but if it was your time.. then let it be (it's easier to say I know..It'll really be hard for all those people close to you).. But.. real silence is only achieved with death.. :| You will be remembered.. And thanks for the "kilig" moments my friends and I had while looking at your picture just before our seniors graduation last month (March, 2011)..  
And after all this.. i've still got teary-eyed.. :( Hindi ko nga sya nakilala personally.. he's a total stranger to me.. Pero.. just imagining another person just died.. someone who left lots of people behind.. :howiwish: Hirap tanggapin.. Pero ganun tlga may aalis.. may darating..