Sunday, May 12, 2013

Missing my blog,,,, >.<

My inactivity is closing to 1 year already. I can't accept that I've totally missed taking care of my web space.
No updates... totally nothing new here...

I've got lots of stories to share.. (about my new life here in the metro... afar from my hometown),

I've got lots of things to fix in my blog.. design, performance quality, etc...

I've been busy landing a job and trying to do good at work... This new environment, new phase of my life.. is too much.. let me take it bit by bits -_-

I'll start fixing my space, not necessarily my blog.. but totally every space I occupy and all those that I have my footprints on.

I won't be lost.. I love blogging :) I'm gonna make this run through my whole life!!!

http://eemoticons.netSetting priorities, goals, organizing stuffs won't be easy.. but it must be done and it will happen.. :)

A new and more responsible me is coming... it's in the process..

Thanks for everyone who still visits!!

Let me make it up to everyone and myself too.....