Sunday, January 22, 2012

Food - Mik-Mik

"The cough or choke is the sensation that completes the MikMik Experience." - MikMik

Anyone remembers this addicting food? 

Well I do! :happy: This was our favorite food :eat: back when I was still young. I always buy Mik-Mik at our neighborhood stores and I almost buy every single Mik-Mik they have :exclamation1: That's why I was really touched when I saw a pack of Mik-Mik inside our room yesterday night :wink: My sister bought it cause she missed this food too..

So what's Mik-Mik? Well I'll try to give details but forgive me cause I'm not a real food blogger here lol.

Mik-Mik is a powdered food with flavors Milk and Choco. You can refer to it as a "polvoron" (a food from the Philippines) or as a powdered milk for babies or kids such as Nido, Alaska and Bearbrand, that was put in a small pack.

This food is kinda weird but I normally eat it with straw (just like how you drink a soda with a straw) then sip it with all your might :happy2: But be careful because sipping it too much can make you cough. hahaha :))

Hmm.. how much it is?
Back then it costs only 50 cents or PhP 0.50 per piece. Today some says it costs P1.00 per piece while some says it costs 3 pieces for P2.00.

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okkin said...

mik mik!!!!!!! me gusta

Sigrid Morales said...

nkakamiss ang mikmik haha :) me gusto

okkin said...

bakal na :)) banga kita haha

Sigrid Morales said...

haha barakal na kamu :D jan sa gilid gilid hanap kamu

JC Drone said...

those were the days...yup, but i didnt run naked in the rain back then...hmm...pwera sa sweetened water with sago (talyup) Mik-Mik is all i could afford :) those were the days...

Sigrid Morales said...

@JC: well that means.. you can afford 100x than MikMik is right now?? haha :D well it's nice to remember MikMik right??

wait.. napadukan ka din kaini??? hahaha