Friday, May 27, 2011

My new installed Google Chrome Theme

It was hard to find cool themes for my Google Chrome web browser. I was actually looking for Maid Sama styled theme but I can't seem to find prettier themes. Looking for kawaii themes are also hard so I ventured looking more of anime styled themes, also considering anime that I haven't watch.

I found this site of Randomness Thing that has a list of their own created google chrome themes :) They also create themes based from user's request. Info about this can be found on the site I provided.

Here is a direct link from the site where I downloaded this theme google-chrome-theme-mahou-shoujo-madoka-magica. Sorry but I really love the mix and match of this theme, the colors, the character images, and the small character heads at the upper right part of the browser. The text is readable so it's really good to use.

Thumbs up for them !! Such a great work there.

Wait..wait..wait.. I have to research about this anime mahou shoujo madoka magica. The drawing is good enough..