Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Updates... :)


Weekend is over.. another week at work will start later ... `coz it's Sunday midnight already.

Hmm.. I haven't got out of our place for my 2 days off.
I just stayed at home.. modifying my blog's template...
Notice that my columns have rearranged... I got a lot of trial-and-error stuffs..
It took me 2 days to finally got these results because.. I'm not so familiar with designing anymore lol..

Anyway.. I'm loving this chart.. got the idea when I happened to do some blog hopping..
Will look for the owner.. and will try to use this as my guide of simple updates..

Food: Corned Beef, "Burgersilog", "Bulalo"
Watching: Missing You (Korean series) - ep: 1 - 15
Listening to: Coldplay - Paradise
Weather: Not so sunny, not so gloomy
Notes: Hmm... continue fixing blog and clean the house
Thoughts: Still thinking lol...

That's just some random update... can't think much.. got really tired for my 2 days..