Wednesday, June 15, 2011

still awake at 4 am

It's almost 4 am and I'm still awake! I was already planning to sleep normally (means sleep at night, wake up 6 or 7 am in the morning and have some 8 hrs of sleep. I'm on having 8 hours of sleep but I'm still working on with the others.

But here I am now, still awake at this time, what an epic failure! 

I was already asleep like 9 pm last night. Then I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought it was 3 in the morning only to find out I just had a 3 hr sleep. That's crazy it's just 12 midnight!! *face palm*

An hour after, I felt like eating a bunch of cookies. (Yeah coz I just had my groceries before coming home yesterday late afternoon, so I got some foods to eat now. *happy face*)

Source: kainankorner

Then I checked on my twitter, emails, tumblr. I had a nice morning sound trip from random youtube videos, listening to rihanna and katy perry,  then haunting for sailormoon pixel art. I checked on the clock it's past 3 am! OMG what have I been doing in my life? I was blessed to have this extended summer vacation but here I am now wasting time.. *stabs myself*

Now how's that?? 

Sorry.. still damn awake..!! *face palm*

Wow.. seeing people asleep, and knowing that they're comfortable with their beds and room is so quiet.. it's just makes me envious.. *cries at the corner*

Wish I could have a sound sleep like that of Chibusa later.. the sun is so up later so I might find it hard to sleep.. 

I think I should get ready to close my eyes, atleast try to sleep again? *Closes some google chrome windows* so I should say, Good morning to GMT +8! and Goodnight to the others who are currently at night.. sorry for a totally blunt post here >.< Random thoughts.. random posts..