Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lazy Bum.. no study habits

Ako lang ba toh? Kung gawain din to ng iba, ay naku kakaloka.. it's contagious mate!!
This is one of the craziest attitude I may ever have. I never want to tolerate it but it runs through my blood already! Damn that, help me remove it from myself.. hahaha I'm afraid I might be enjoying it by now hahaha

I have observe this behavior, pretty much clearly, from my last semester (2010-2011 2nd sem) and the recently finished summer class. I've got many things to study for, yet whenever my phone alarms for my study period (whether for my exams, quizzes, review, or just for future readings) I stood up.. tries to open my eyes wide and clear and energize my whole body, I suddenly FAIL!!! I felt dizzy, head aches or maybe I was just experiencing laziness???

Funny thing is that I'll set my time 15mins more, alarms, enjoys the bed, extends the time, 20 mins more.. *head aches even more*, alarms, extends the time.. 1 hour more.. and so on.... until I'll wake up and found out that it's already 6:30 am!!

Do I still have time to study??? 

Hahahahah silly moments!! 

There were mornings when I woke up and just really laugh at myself. At saan ako ngayon pupulutin dahil sa kalokohan ko hahaha. Then I just moved on.

While there were mornings when I woke up really scared.. pale.. and just loosing myself because I knew I'll fail my exams!!! I pack up my things, get ready for school.. and stares faraway with my worried face.. cause..still...

at this point of time, I knew I'm dead with my exams..

Anyway, when you sleep just for a couple of hours, or an hour or less.. you're head will ache causing you to feel uneasy while studying. Much worse, you may also feel sleepier than before. That sucks okay! Don't ever consider this as an excuse! Reality check... it's just true!!

If only I had established a good study habit, then I won't be having problems like this.. But it's okay. Just face the day with bright smiles and acceptance of our mistake. Just do better with the next days to come.

It's not a matter of tolerating our bad habits, rather it's a matter of avoiding a life full of regrets....